Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Learning Through Illness

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is that you can tweak it to fit whatever is going on in your life. You can school in the evenings if you need to work in the mornings. You can do school on weekends instead of only Monday - Friday. You can do half of your school in the morning and the rest after dinner if that fits your schedule. You can schedule schoolwork around the seasons, doing more when it's too hot or too cold to spend  much time outside. Whatever your schedule, you can still manage to plan school around it.

That is especially fantastic when someone is sick. When one of my conditions flares up and I'm in excruciating pain, the kids can get some school done while sitting on my bed & curl up with me to read. When one of the kids is sick, we can do school around their illness or skip school completely.

Last week and the week before, Jay wasn't feeling great. He had a cold and was so congested that he could barely breathe. So, he spent his days in my bed reading and watching educational DVDs. Some of the books he read were free reading and some were on our Science & History topics. However, sitting in bed all day can get rather boring, especially when you are a 7 year old with ADHD.

Saturday, he was diagnosed with Bronchitis. So, now he's sleeping in my bed at night, since it lets him sleep at more of an angle (so the crap draining from his sinuses doesn't gag him in the night), it's closer to me, closer access to drinks (he is not allowed to have drinks upstairs), and warmer (his room is inexplicably the coldest room in the house). Yesterday, in addition to lots of time in my room reading, he also did fun Math games on the computer, Geography games on the computer, Writing, Grammar, and Spelling. His hope is to read all the books on our History & Science topics that he possibly can, so that when he's better he can focus mostly on the experiments & activities.

Until he's better, foreign languages, computer programming, and music are on hold. We're also holding off on Science experiments, P.E., Home Ec., and activities. He really needs to rest right now so he doesn't get worse (after all, it was his refusal to rest all day that led to his cold turning into Bronchitis). The beauty of homeschooling is that it's fine if we put those subject on hold while he's sick. We can get some Math & Language Arts done, read books & watch shows for Science & History, and we'll be fine. We can get back to the other stuff when he's better. We don't have to worry about falling behind or catching up. We don't have to try to push through all our school work even though he's sick.