Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am purging. By the end of the year, I hope to have completed a healthy purge, of many things, from my life. I am purging material possessions that are no longer needed or used. I am purging the many various subscriptions I signed up for, then forgot about, and have yet to unsubscribe from, that are cluttering up my inbox. I am purging online communities that I do not enjoy using & no longer find helpful, including blogs I no longer enjoy/have time for. I am purging projects, tasks, and work that I no longer have time, energy, money, etc to deal with. I am also purging people - people who bring or breed negativity, those who make disparaging/negative remarks to me about other people or about me to other people, those who have/need constant drama that they then dump on everyone around them, and those with whom maintaining a relationship is simply more effort than it is worth - in short, those who do not improve my life by being part of it.

If my purging impacts you, I am sorry. Please do not take it personally. If you gave me something that is being purged, just know that I am sending it to a home where it will get more use. If your blog is one that I purge, it is not meant as a n insult. If you are part of an online community I purge, know that there is no one person causing me to leave. If you are one of the people I purge, see it as a good thing. Most likely, you find the relationship as strained & stressful as I do.