Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick update

Last week, Dea was on break between terms and I was sick most of the week. Jay got very little school done, since I was sick.

This week, Dea started Grade 8 Term 2. Her courses this term:
English - Still doing her online Writing course & will do another online Writing course when done with this one. Continuing with AAS to help with her mild Dyslexic symptoms. Continuing with Easy Grammar, since the online Writing course has very little Grammar. Literature - Myths & legends from several cultures, including Ancient civilizations, American Indian cultures, and American Tall Tales. She will also be reading Beowulf & watching at least one movie version of it and Eaters of the Dead & watching The 13th Warrior.
Latin - continuing with Oxford LatinCourse
History - Ancient Civilizations: A Comparative Study. This is a course that we designed together.
Algebra - Continuing with the textbook we borrowed from my sister
Computer Programming - continuing with Logo Adventures when/if wants to
Spanish - Continuing with Tell Me More

So far, she's doing her work & enjoying it.

Jay has finished AAS Level 1 & has started Level 2. He has finished his Logic Safari book. He is continuing with all of his subjects except Logic. We had tried having Dea & Jay do Logo Adventures together, but that didn't work out. They rarely did it and fought whenever they did do it. So, I have taken over doing his lessons in Logo again. He's moving rather slowly through Latin right now, but I'm fine with that as long, as he's learning it.

We didn't get a full day of school in on Wednesday and did no school on Thursday or Fri. There was a death in my husband's family on Wednesday. My husband came home early from work, and we simply weren't able to finish our work. Thursday nothing got done because Dea & my husband were at his parent's house and I was having a Fibro flare up, so was in too much pain to work with Jay. He spent the day reading, watching Mythbusters, and playing. Wednesday night, we also found out that my grandpa's dog died a few weeks ago, and Dea is rather upset about it.

Friday morning, my husband & I got up very early (ok, I didn't actually get up early, since I didn't fall asleep Thursday night) to be Maid of Honor & Best Man at the wedding of my sister & her fiance. It was broadcast live on the radio. It was a truly memorable experience and I am so honored to have been a part of it. My sister has never looked happier or more beautiful than she did during her wedding. I am absolutely thrilled for them. My brother-in-law is a wonderful man, a great dad, and makes my sister truly happy. She has been through a lot & deserves this so much.

After the wedding, we all went out to breakfast with the happy couple. Friday afternoon, we went to the library and then did our shopping. We picked up the 2-disc special edition Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2. After dinner, we had family movie night, and watched the new movie.

So, that is a quick rundown of our week. Now, I have to go get ready for a funeral. It's not the best end to a week, and it sucks that the funeral is the day after my sister's wedding, but that's life for you.