Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Plans

We're doing all our Advent stuff - read-alouds, movies/shows, family activities. We've been good about choosing one every night. There are a few that have specific days or times for us to do them, but movies & books are great for during the week. We've really been enjoying it all so far.

I don't know what our plans are for Christmas with anyone else. I don't know if we'll be going to the big family Christmas this year. I have most of our Christmas at home planned, though. I have purchased all the presents:

For Dea: The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, Pail of Primates bucket adoption from WWF
In her stocking: socks (they always need more socks), candy

For Jay: Arabian Nights, Tub of Cubs bucket adoption from WWF
In his stocking: socks, candy

Our big present for both kids was that we were redecorating their bedrooms. We had some unexpected expenses, so the bedrooms won't be done until next year.

For my hubby: He really wants a nice Nativity set, so I've decided to buy him one. However, I'm buying it in pieces, especially since I'm getting him a Fontanini set, which are slightly pricey. This year, he's getting the stable & the Holy Family pieces.
From the kids: Sea Otter adoption from WWF

For me: I don't know if I'm getting anything from my hubby.
From the kids: (yes I know what I'm getting from them, since I bought it) a Wolf adoption from WWF

We're not doing much for decorations. The house is a disaster due to the ongoing purging & I just don't feel like all the decorating this year. We have our stockings up and the cheap little Nativity scene that we have is being put out. The kids are hanging garland in their rooms, as well as the ornaments they made at their grandparents' house. They have also been told they can use the window markers to decorate their windows. That's it. No tree. No lights. Nothing big.

I'm going to get a new shelf put up in the living room sometime before Christmas. On Christmas Eve, after everyone has gone to bed, I will put the pieces of the Nativity I bought for hubby on the shelf. That way, he'll see them when he first gets up. I will also be hiding the plush animals that came with the 'adoptions' throughout the house. Then, on Christmas morning, I'll present everyone with their adoption certificates, and we will take a safari through the house to find all the animals.

I'm not going to do the big dinner for Christmas. We're going to do finger foods instead. I still have to figure out the exact menu. Other than the menu, I am done planning our Christmas. Though, I might pick up a few more things for the stockings.