Sunday, December 11, 2011

The coming week

This is our last week before our 2 week Christmas break. It is going to be rather difficult to keep everyone focused.  They will both continue with some school work over the break. Dea will continue her Writing course, because it is online & they have their own schedule, and she'll continue her Algebra. Jay will continue Math, read every day, and we'll likely do some of the Science experiments & History projects we have planned for this year. I'm hoping to also watch some of the documentaries on our current topics of study.

This week will actually be similar to our break, though a bit more work will get done this week (hopefully). Jay is pretty much over his Bronchitis, so we can resume Music, Latin, and Spanish. However, starting Latin & Spanish again right before we take a break seems rather pointless. We'll wait until January to start those again. Here's what I'm hoping to get done this week with Jay:
Math - everyday, our normal plan
Writing - he's almost done with his Writing book. He just finished Unit 9. Unit 10 is 'Discovering the Writer's Notebook' which is nothing more than reference. Unit 11 is a personal word bank. This week, we'll get those hole-punched and into his binder, so he has them. That will just leave Unit 8 'Discovering Research' for which the assignment is to research and write a book. He has requested to instead do a research paper. He chose a topic, but doesn't think he can get a whole book out of it, which is why he wants to do a paper instead. His topic of choice is "Why it is wrong to kill animals just for their fur." He'll start the paper after the break, so we want to have the 'Writer's Notebook' and word bank ready before then.
Spelling - I'm hoping to get through the next one or two steps of level 2.
Grammar - one page of Easy Grammar a day & finish up the Sentence Structure Grammar Tales
Science & History - finish reading all books we currently have out from the library & watch some documentaries
Music - we'll probably work on some Christmas songs, maybe get back to flute & recorder practice
Art - one or two pages from Creating Line Designs book 3
ASL - I think we'll start a new DVD and then practice over the break & do a quick review when we start up again in January
Geography - I'll let him continue doing this on his own.
Logo Adventures - I think we'll do the next lesson, and let him practice all the lessons he's done over the break

We'll also continue reading Christmas books, books about the history & customs of Christmas, Hanukkah books, books about Hanukkah, etc. Plus, we're starting to get revved up for our Reading Challenge that we're starting in January. We'll search the library catalog to get some ideas for our books choices.

Honestly, my favorite thing about this week is the fact that the kids are sleeping upstairs again. They have been sleeping downstairs for about 2 weeks now, pretty much since the Bronchitis diagnosis. It started with Jay sleeping in my bed with my hubby. however, Jay talks moves, and kicks a lot in his sleep. So, we brought his mattress down & put it in the school room. He was still using my pillows, to stay propped up while he slept, so I still wasn't back in my bed (I can't sleep in the bed without pillows). Dea apparently couldn't sleep upstairs because it was too quiet without Jay up there. She slept in the school room, too. They often talked in their sleep; I even heard Dea yelling at him in her sleep one night. I have spent the last 2 weeks sleeping in my recliner, which is not the most comfortable thing in the world. My muscles are killing me (my Fibro really doesn't like it when I sleep in the chair). Sunday, his mattress went back up to his room and the bedding from my bed was washed. So, my bed is germ free again! It's so nice to have my bed back, to have my pillows back!