Saturday, December 31, 2011

Exploring Genres: January 2012: Graphic Novels

January 2012 is the first month in our reading challenge: Exploring Genres. The Featured Genre for the month is: Graphic Novels.

I've never been a fan of comic books. I really don't have a lot of experience with them. When I was growing up, all the comic books that the boys were reading were super hero stuff - Superman, X-Men, Batman, etc. I was never really into the super hero thing. The girls I knew, who read comics, all read stuff like the Archie Comics, which weren't that interesting to me, either. So, I just never got into comic books. When I first heard about graphic novels, I had no interest because they are just larger versions of comic books.

Well, with the Exploring Genres challenge, we'll be reading Graphic Novels. So, I've been searching for ideas of some that might be enjoyable. I have also been searching for some possibilities for Jay. I'll pretty much let Dea pick out her own, though may suggest some if I find any I think she'd like.

Finding some for Jay is proving to be more of a challenge than I had expected. The ones for kids all seem so cheesy. They have these goofy sounding stories that really just don't sound like they'd hold his attention. The few that sound like they might interest him, apparently (from what I've found online, anyway) have rather low reading levels (like in the 2nd grade range, even though many of them are listed as books for middle grade students). Now, I don't mind if the kids read some books below their reading ability, but I prefer to have most of what they read at a comfortable or challenging level, not blindingly easy. It is really difficult to find reading level info for graphic novels, though. I might just have to deal with it and let him read the ones at such low reading levels, as long as he continues to read other books as well.

We have picked up a large stack of graphic novels from the library. Both kids are looking forward to the challenge starting & can hardly wait to dig into the pile of graphic novels we have right now.

I found a bunch of Max Axiom ones for Jay. Looking through one, I have to say I'm fairly impressed. It contained actual scientific information and wasn't as dumbed-down as I was expecting. He loves Science and is really looking forward to reading those. I also found the Amulet series and some Goosebumps graphic novels. He's got more on hold on his card, too - more Max Axiom and some Star Wars.

Dea's got the graphic novel version of Twilight and some horror-themed ones. She'll also likely read many of those I check out for me. Jay may be reading some of them, too. The ones on my library cover a wide range, from The Last Unicorn to 300 to Ray Bradbury to Shaun of the Dead.

Of course, we won't be only reading the graphic novels. Each of us also has regular books out that we're reading & will continue to read other books. I'm hoping to post each week with a list of what each of us has read.