Monday, December 5, 2011

Featured Poets 2012

Now that I finally got Dea to enjoy poetry again (I accidentally killed her enjoyment of poetry by using a curriculum that teaches poetry forms & elements & was insanely boring) and Jay is also enjoying poetry, I thought it would be fun to do a poetry challenge. Each month, we'll have a featured poet. We will read poems  by that poet throughout the month. We are also aiming to read at least one poem per day, though they may not all be by the featured poet. I tried to choose poets that cover a variety of styles & forms.

Here are our featured poets for 2012:
January: Edward Lear
February: Robert Frost
March: Emily Dickinson
April:Walt Whitman
May: Dylan Thomas
June: Rainer Maria Rilke
July: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
August: Jack Prelutsky
September: Lord Byron
October: Maya Angelou
November: W.B. Yeats
December: Shel Silverstein