Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Should be Doing Dishes...but

I really should be in the kitchen getting dishes done, to help catch up after the many that were dirtied for Christmas. However, I'm not spending my day standing in the kitchen doing dishes, or any other housework, for that matter. My back still hurts. Yes, it's been more than a week since I slipped on the ice, hurting my back. The Fibromyalgia isn't helping any. Plus, I keep doing things that make it worse, like crawling around on the floor cleaning, then spending 1 1/2 hrs standing while doing food prep & lifting heavy dishes full of food, then bending over for 20 minutes while rearranging the fridge. So, I'm taking it easy today.

I've been spending the day working on plans for next school year. Dea' year of taking control of her education starts next week, and Jay wants to drop official 'Start' & 'End' dates for his schooling. I'll still have a specific date that I consider the start of the new grade, but he won't need to know when it is, as it will have no impact on his work. So, I'll be using a new notebook to track his work, starting in January. I spent a few hours last night & much of this morning working on getting the plan laid out in that notebook. I'm almost done. I just need to fill in the pages for the plan for Science. I'll be using the notebook I started for 2nd grade to track his work for the rest of his Science & History that was already planned (mainly because I don't want to re-write all of it into another notebook). Everything else is in the new notebook, though. I even set up a section in back to track his free reading books & what he reads for our 'Poet of the Month' & 'Exploring Genres' challenges. I spent most of the morning working on the plan for History - finding the books we have here on the topics, creating a list of possible projects, creating a list of fun reading & read-aloud possibilities (mostly historical fiction & all books that we own or are carried by the local library). I won't plan the non-fiction books that we'll use from the library, because it's impossible to tell what they'll have in when we need them. I still need to search Netflix for shows/documentaries related to our topics. Then, I need to do all of that for our Science topics.

Once I'm done with my notebook for Jay, I need to set up my notebook for Dea's work. I'll be checking her work every week. So, I'll record what work I checked over each week, in my notebook. This will help me keep track of whether or not she is doing all of her required assignments in Writing & Math, as well as seeing how much work is getting done is other areas & track her progress. I need to write in all the stuff that is required for each course, though, to be considered enough for credit. I'll also set up a section to track her reading for our challenges & maybe her free reading.

So, this is what I'm working on for the next few days, while I take it easy.