Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Week

I know the week isn't over yet, but I'll do a recap of our week anyway. We've done most of what I had planned to do this week. Well, Jay has. Dea is still slacking a bit & I'm starting to get quite irritated. Anyway, here's what Jay has done.

Math - He's right on track this week. He has done everything he needed to do, each day, without a fight. I think we'll change things up a bit in January, though. Right now, our Math looks like this: Mon - 30 min Math games for review & practice; Tues - 1 page Defeating Division; Wednesday - 30 min Khan Academy; Thurs - 1 page Defeating Division; Fri - Key to Measurement. Come January, I think I'll drop Key to from the schedule, letting him go back to doing it whenever he wants, and bump Defeating Division up to 3 days a week. The entire purpose of this schedule was to slow down the use of Defeating Division. He often gets frustrated when he makes a mistake, even if he's just learning how to do something. So, I wanted to have him move slowly for a little while, to ease the frustration. He's doing really well, though, and I think he's ready to speed up a bit.
Writing - His Word Bank and Writer's Notebook are hole-punched and in his binder. He has his topic picked out for the last assignment for this level. We'll get started on his research paper in January. As soon as we get the materials for next year, he'll start the next level of Writing.
Grammar - He's been doing Easy Grammar daily this week and doing great. We had been taking some days off here & there because our school year is longer than the 180 days provided in Easy Grammar. Since I only bought 1 level for 2nd grade, so we could see if it worked for him & if he liked it, that would leave approximately 45 days with no Grammar. It made more sense to spread those days out over the year, instead of having 9 weeks at the end of the school year with no Grammar. We're close enough, to when I'll be purchasing for the upcoming year,  that I think we can stop skipping days. If we finish early, we'll just start on the next level. He's almost done with Grammar Tales, as well. He has one worksheet to do to finish up Sentence Structure, which he's doing today. In January, we'll do the last book, Proofreading.
Spelling - This is an area we've slacked this week. We have done no Spelling at all this week. We use All About Spelling, which is not something he can do independently. I've had a headache most of the week, so we haven't done it.
Science & History - All I had planned to get done this week was to finish reading whatever library books we had & maybe watch some documentaries. We've finished the books, and so far watched one documentary. Since we've dropped Terms & are just moving at his pace, I'm not sure when we'll be done with our current topics. I think that we'll be moving on in Science shortly after we start back. Flight, Forces, and Motion has been a rather light one. Our library is quite short on books about Gravity, Friction, Air Pressure, Lift, etc. I looked through many of the general Physics books that came up in the search, but the parts on the topics we need are very short, all give the same info, and it's not new info. So, I think that once we have finished watching the documentaries and doing the activities, we'll be done. We should finish all of that over our Christmas break. For History, he's really enjoying our current topic and we'll likely continue with it for at least another month or so.
Geography - He's been doing his own thing with this. His thing, however, has been mostly map work, online games, and learning locations of the states. I suggested doing a fun state study, starting in January, and he loves the idea. The plan is basically to study one state each month - capital, symbols, museums, zoos, famous/important people from the state, etc. That will be starting, with Illinois, in January.
Music - He has practiced his flute and recorder almost every day. He's so happy to be able to do them again. He has also been playing the drum he decorated for History.
Art - He has done one page of Creating Line Designs book 3. He can do another if he wants, but I'm not pushing it.
ASL - We should have watched the new dvd yesterday, but didn't. We're going to watch it today, then make sure to practice over the break.
Logo Adventures - We haven't done a lesson in this, either. I think I'll just have him practice previous lessons over the break & start up again in January.

So, we're on track to be done with most of what I wanted to do this week. The next two weeks should be relaxing, as we read, do History & Science activities/projects, watch some documentaries & some Mythbusters, and bake cookies.