Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preparing for next year, mentally

Next year is coming up very soon. I am trying to get myself mentally prepared for it.

Since I will be rededicating myself to my fitness goals, I am working on forming the habits I'll need for that. I have been forming the habit of visiting SparkPeople everyday (even if I didn't workout), reading articles, tracking my liquid intake, etc. I'm working on setting aside a time of day just for exercising, so I'll be able to fit it in daily.

I'm also working on getting myself on a schedule for unnecessary internet use. I plan to visit my social places (FB, Google+, forums, etc) only at meal times, when I'm already sitting down & not really busy. That should give me enough time to catch up with people, converse, and play the few games I play. If I get in the habit of visiting those sites at certain times, it will hopefully help me visit them regularly & spend less time at each visit (I often go days or weeks without visiting one or more of these sites, then spend extra time trying to catch up when I do visit).

I also want to try out different schedules for Jay, to see if we can find something that works a bit better than our current one. Right now, I'm brainstorming ideas for new schedules, but we won't try them until next week.

I'm also trying to finish the big purge that I started a little while back. We're mostly done, just need to finish the office, living room, and kitchen. I hope to get them done this week, because I'd really like to start the new year less 'cluttered'. So far, this purge has filled 4 1/2 boxes, deleted over 20,000 emails, removed many no longer read subscriptions, and vanquished some negativity.

I'm also considering a schedule for my blog, to make sure that I do regular updates about all the things I want to do updates for - our 'Exploring Genres' challenge, 'Poet of the Month' challenge, my fitness progress, Jay's schooling & new method of 'no official start/end dates' that he wants to do, Dea's schooling with her having majority control. I'd still do the random posts about daily stuff, holidays, etc., but with a schedule, I could be certain the regular updates I want to do actually get done.

The year is ending soon. What plans do you have for the new year & how are you getting ready?