Friday, December 23, 2011

Starting Over

You know those times when something isn't going the way you need/want it to, so you decide just to start back at square 1? Well, I'm having one of those times. Ever since Jay was born, I've been battling with my weight. It has been very difficult because of my asthma and some other conditions I'm dealing with. I'm in pain, a lot of the time. Exercising make the pain worse most of the time. So, I haven't done a very good job at losing weight. In fact, I've gained more. Of course, the severe weakening of my muscles & immune system by the pneumonia hasn't helped. I've decided to start over with my weight loss plan. I will be starting in January.

I've pulled out the pedometer &n will be getting a new battery for it today. I am also going to pick up some ankle and wrist weights to wear while exercising. I plan to get a stepper. I've got a Gazelle, but it squeaks, loudly. Since it is so loud, I can't use it while the kids are doing school, during quiet reading time, or at night/early morning when everyone else is in bed. That severely limits the hours of the day in which I can workout. So, I want to get a stepper, because it will be quiet, easy to move around, easy to store, and if I get one with resistance bands & wear the weights, it will be a decent workout.

Once I have lost some weight & am in better shape, I will add Yoga & Pilates in. Then, after even more progress, I'll add Belly Dancing again. I'm also going to try to get the whole family to do walks or hikes on a weekly basis, and will get outside with the kids more often when they go out for their outside play time.

I closed my account on SparkPeople (a website with tools to help you lose weight & live a healthy life), and signed up again. That seemed to be the best & fastest way to start over with my progress on there. I set up my fitness goals and will start tracking my goals in January.

This last week, I made another change. I gave up Mt Dew. I started drinking flavored, carbonated water because that's what the kids were drinking when they were sick. After a few days of that, Mt Dew was just too sweet. I'm keeping my coffee & tea, but haven't had Mt Dew in a week. I'll still drink soda occasionally. I enjoy root beer & cream soda too much to give them up completely. I was drinking 4-6 cans of Mt Dew a day, though. That's 680 - 1020 calories just from soda, on an average day! Honestly, Mt Dew was probably my worst dietary habit. Now, I know some of you are thinking "Just drink regular tap water." I can't though. Water has to have flavor for me to drink it consistently. I just can't do glass after glass of boring, flavorless water all day, and flavor packets can get expensive. Plus, the carbonation helps when I'm congested or my throat is bothering me.

I'm also going to be making sure the kids & I meditate daily, and trying to get Jay into Yoga. Next year should be pretty busy & interesting for us, with all the changes we're making.