Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Pics

The Native American flute Jay stained. He'll decorate it next week & start learning to play.

The jewelry box Dea assembled & stained

The InstaSnow, jiggly marbles, and gel crystals we played with last week

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grade 2 Term 2 coming soon

Term 2 of Jay's 2nd grade starts next Monday. He's is currently on his break between terms. He's enjoying his break, but is really looking forward to the new term starting.

The break has been, well......, interesting. Dea fell, strained her back, and bruised her tailbone. Jay came down with a cold. Then, I got Jay's cold. Eventually, Dea got the cold, too. The kids are on the mend, but this cold is kicking my butt.

So, with the new term starting next week, I've been finalizing the plans for it. I'll be updating his curriculum page tonight. Here's a quick preview of the plan:

Language Arts:
Easy Grammar 2, Grammar Tales, Discover the Deck, All About Spelling

Defeating Division, Key to Measurement, review with games

World Geography & You, Map Corner

Latin for Children level A

Computer Programming:
Logo Adventures

Native American flute, Recorder

Tell Me More

Creating Line Designs, projects related to History & Science

Science: Flight, Forces & Motion:
various materials including, but not limited to, Magic School Bus episodes; Magic School Bus kit; biographies of Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Wright Brothers; various websites; various DVDs & Netflix streaming; tons of books from the library

History: Native Americans:
various materials including, but not limited to, various DVDs & Netflix streaming; various websites; tons of library books
We'll be making food as part of our study, including a Pre-Euro invasion themed Thanksgiving, learning to play Native American flute, learning to work with leather, doing several other projects & activities. I've also compiled a list of suggested reading about & by Natives, that I hope he'll have time to read. I won't post the list of suggested reading, though. I'll just wait until the end of the term & list what he did read.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ancient China

Now that our study of Ancient China has come to an end, I thought I'd post the resources we used & activities we did. We did very little hands-on work with this study. Normally we do a lot more, but he just wasn't that into this topic. Hopefully, this will help those looking for ideas or resources. Here's our 2nd grade study of Ancient China (we did branch out to other ancient Asian cutlures as well):

Ancient China: A Journey Back in Time (DVD)
Ancient China Time Travel Guide (book)
Lost treasures of Tibet (Netflix streaming)
The Dragon's Tale & Other Animal Fables of the Chinese Zodiac (book)
You Are in Ancient China (book)
Yu the Great: Conquering the Flood: A Chinese Legend (book)
Ten Suns: A Chinese Legend (book)
Ancient China Excavating the Past (book)
Life in Ancient China (book)
The Ghost Catcher: A Bengali Folktale (book)
Dragon Prince: A Chinese Beauty & the Beast Tale (book)
Da Wei's Treasure: A Chinese Tale (book)
What did the Ancient Chinese do for me? (book)
The Beggar's Magic: A Chinese Tale (book)
The Crane Wife (book)
How the Rooster Got His Crown (book)
The Cricket's Cage: A Chinese Folktale (book)
Ancient China (book)
The Dragon Lover & Other Chinese Proverbs (book)
Stories From China (book)
The Rooster's Antlers: A Story of the Chinese Zodiac (book)
Mysterious Tales of Japan (book)
National Geographic Investigates Ancient China: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of China's Past (book)
Secrets of the Dead: China's Terracotta Warriors (Netflix streaming)
This is my Faith Buddhism (book)
Buddhism (book)
Lost Treasures of the World: China (DVD)
The Buddha (Netflix streaming)
Harmony: A Treasury of Chinese Wisdom for Children & Parents (book)
You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China (book)
The Great Wall: The Genius of China a Close-up Guide (book)
Elephants & Golden Thrones Inside China's Forbidden City (book)
See Inside An Ancient Chinese Town (book)
The Legend of Lao Tzu & the Tao Te Ching (book)
Ms. Frizzle's Adventures Imperial China (book)
History of the World China From the 7th Century to the 17th Century  (book)
The Diary of Ma Yan (book) (read aloud) this is not about Ancient China, but about modern day China, it was a really interesting read, though

British Museum (website)
Ancient China for Kids (website)
eat Chinese food - we normally make food for our History studies, but this time we ate at a local Chinese restaurant
Ancient China Journal

Great Wall of China, in charcoal, by Jay grade 2

Our Space Study

Now that we're done with our study of Astronomy, I thought I'd post all the resources we used and activities we did. Hopefully, this will help others who are looking for resources or ideas. So, here's what we used for our 2nd grade Astronomy study:

Magic School bus website
Astronomy for Kids website
NASA website
StarChild website
Space: The Secret History (DVD)
Space Station: IMAX (DVD)
Space Mission: Reaching for the Stars (DVD)
Bill Nye: Astronomy (DVD)
When We Left Earth (Netflix streaming)
The Right Stuff (Netflix streaming)
Apollo 13 (Netflix streaming)
The Magic School Bus Space Adventures (DVD)
The Magic School Bus Sees Stars (DVD)
The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System (book)
The Magic School Bus Sees Stars (book)
The Magic School Bus Takes a Moonwalk (book)
The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book #4 Space Explorers (book)
13 Planets (book)
The Magic School Bus Lands on Mars (software)
National Geographic Travel Guide to the Planets (DVD)
Seven Wonders of the Rocky Planets and Their Moons (book)
Seven Wonders of the Gas Giants and Their Moons (book)
The Stars (book)
The Constellations, How They Came to be (book)
Star Cycles: The Life & Death of Stars (book)
Super Stars: The Biggest, Hottest, Brightest, Most Explosive Stars in the Milky Way (book)
Cosmic Voyage: IMAX (DVD)
Journey to the Edge of the Universe (DVD)
400 Years of the Telescope (Netflix streaming)
Galileo's Battle for the Heavens (DVD)
Mythology and the Universe (book)
Meteors: The Truth Behind Shooting Stars (book)
Astronomical Observations (book)
Discovering Comets & Meteors (book)
Find the Constellations (book)
Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (book)
Stephen Hawking's Universe vol 1-3 (DVD)
Phoenix Mars Mission: Onto the Ice (Netflix streaming)
The Planets (Netflix streaming)

Magic School Bus The Secrets of Space Kit

12 Experiments & Activities from the MSB Secrets of Space kit - including coming up with a new mneumonic for the planets, creating a constellation & writing a myth for it, and making a model of the solar system
Space Log
School Express Thematic Unit & Activity Pages

Grade 2 Term 1 End of Term Review

We have just finished Term 1 of Grade 2. Term 1 was May 2, 2011 - August 12, 2011 (he just finished doing tomorrow's work so he could start his break early. I think this is partly due to his sister being injured & off school). So, I thought I'd do a quick recap of what we did during the Term.

Language Arts:
Easy Grammar Grade 2 - Day 1 - Day 60, we had originally planned to do through 75, but decided to split the book (180 lessons) evenly over the terms, so 60 each term.
Grammar Tales - Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns
Discover the Deck - Unit 1 - Unit 6
All About Spelling -  Level 1 Step 1 - Step 15

Mastering Mathematics - Mastering Multiplication p. 51 - 79 (end of book) Defeating Division p. 1 - 13
Key to series - Measurement book 1 p. 1 - 7
TimezAttack and various other games (both online & offline) for practice & review

Map Corner - Intro, Geographic Terms set 1 - 8, Explorer Study - Marco Polo
World Geography & You - Intro

Latin for Children A - Chapter 1 - 6

Computer Programming:
Logo Adventures Lesson 1 - 6

Music: He has decided to stop guitar, at least for a while, due to having problems holding the guitar properly & without pain (it hurts his wrist to hold it)
Is enjoying playing the recorder

Tell Me More

ASL: Using Signing Time dvds. Signs mastered: letters of the alphabet, numbers to 20, eat/food, milk, water, ball, more, bird, cat, dog, fish, car, airplane, want, shoes, flower, mom, dad, baby, sleep, friend, play, train, doll, bike, bear, your turn, my turn, please, share, thank you, book, read, socks, yes, no, thirsty, drink, dirty, clean, potty, wash hands, bath, hurt, sorry, stop, go, wait, grandma, grandpa

Origami - didn't last long, requires more patience & attention than he can give right now
Creating Line Designs - book 1 (all), book 2 (all)
Between the Folds - documentary on Origami (Netflix streaming)
Van Gogh: Brush With Genius (Netflix Streaming)

Logic Safari book 1 lesson 1 - 17

Study of Astronomy - writing a post that lists all resources & activities for our study

Study of Ancient China - writing a post that lists all resources & activities for our study

Free Reading (this is what he's read this term):
Who's Your Mummy (Goosebumps)
Over the Edge (National Parks Mysteries)
Into the Wild (Warriors series #1)
Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (Goosebumps)
Attack of the Jack-o-Lanterns (Goosebumps)
The Tales of Beetle the Bard
Welcome to Horrorland: A Survival Guide (Goosebumps)
Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown
Valley of Death (National Parks Mysteries)
Night of the Living Dummy (Goosebumps)
Monster Blood (Goosebumps)
All the Lovely Bad Ones: a Ghost Story
Dragon Slippers
Beware, the Snowman (Goosebumps)
Found (The Missing #1)
Welcome to Camp Nightmare (Goosebumps)
Gregor the Overlander (The Underland Chronicles #1)
Little Shop of Hamsters (Goosebumps)
The Wizard of Ooze (Goosebumps)
Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator: A Mystery (Gilda Joyce #1)
The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless
Fire and Ice (Warriors #2)

Audio Books:
Fang of the Vampire (Playaway)
The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur (Playaway)

Great Wall of China

We decided not to do a model of the Great Wall of China, but instead a picture. So, here is The Great Wall of China in charcoal by my 7 year old son:

This next one has the one my son did on top & one I did on the bottom (not my best work, I just wanted to show him what to do).

Monday, August 8, 2011

Grade 2 Term 1 Coming to an End

Today is the first day of what should be the last week of Jay's 2nd grade Term 1. We slacked a few days last week, due to excruciating pain in my back & neck and the headaches the pain has been causing. We're hoping to be able to finish off the work this week, but may need ot extend into next week a little. Mainly, we need to finish off our studies for Science & History - the last few books to read & projects to finish.

I'm working on a few posts, which I should be able to post this weekend. One is on our Astronomy study - listing all the books we read, shows/documentaries we watched, the most used websites, etc. One is on our study of Ancient China, similar to the Astronomy post. The third is a recap of Term 1 - what we did in each subject, resources used, a list of the books Jay read for fun, etc. Obviously, I can't finish them until we're done with this term, but am hoping to post them within a few days of term's end.