Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is Here!

It is officially January 1, 2012! It is the first day of our Exploring Genres challenge & our Poet of the Month challenge. Today, we start reading Graphic Novels. We will also be reading poetry by Edward Lear, aiming for at least one poem a day (not necessarily all by Lear).

It is also the first day of my re-dedication to my fitness. I think I'm off to a pretty good start. I forced myself to stay in bed until about 4 this morning. Then, I got up, grabbed my bottle of water, put on my pedometer, and did my 10 minutes of stretching.

My back still hurts from my injury a few weeks ago, and I'm not sure if I'll be going to our last Christmas celebration today. Yes, we still have one more to go.

Tomorrow we start back to school. Jay will have no terms for his school years. I didn't like the idea of setting an 'official' start date for each year & not telling him about it, so we talked about it yesterday. We set a date that will count as the official start date for the next school year. We discussed the fact that he doesn't need to worry about that date, as it has no impact on his work. He will keep working at his own pace. He can spend as long on each History & Science topic as he wants, without worry of it messing up his 'school year.' That is what was stressing him out. He, somehow, got it in his head that he would have to be done with his Science & History topics by the end of the school year. That would mean cutting short studies he is really enjoying. So, now he understands that he doesn't have to limit his time on those topics. If he finishes before I've purchased for the next year, he can follow his own interests in those subjects. If he goes past the start of the next year, he can just start on the next year's topics when he's ready. As for all other subjects, he'll just move onto the next level/book when he finishes the one he is doing. When I make the purchases for 3rd grade, I'll be getting multiple levels of many subjects. That way, we don't have to worry about him going through too fast, leaving gaps of time with no work in a subject. He's moving through his foreign languages a little slowly, because we are aiming for fluency, which means really learning & remembering it. He's flying through everything else, though.

He's chosen April 15th as the official start date of the school year. That date will be the start date of every school year, for him, indefinitely.

Dea will be in charge of her education as of tomorrow. I really hope she is up to the task. I'm expecting some problems in the beginning, but hope that she gains her footing quickly.