Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Presents

These are some of our Christmas presents:

To Dea, from us:

To Jay, from us:

To my hubby, from me:

To me, from my hubby:

The symbolic adoptions through WWF:

Tub of Cubs:

Pail of Primates:

River Otter:

Mexican Gray Wolf:

Each of the kids got $50 worth of gift cards. This is what Jay got with his:

This is what Dea got with hers:

We got Christmas money from my grandma. We used it to buy some family games:

We also got some Christmas money from my grandpa. We haven't spent that, yet, but are planning to use it on a fun day out - two local museums and eat out. We also got a Family Pass to another museum, from my aunt. She lives in the city the museum is in, so we figure we'll go this spring or summer and stop by to visit her while we're there.