Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Done With School for This Week

Well, I think Jay is done with school for the week. He poked himself in the eye today, giving him a corneal abrasion. I figure an eye injury (fairly serious one at that) is reason to skip school the rest of the week. He has a gouge on his cornea, above the pupil. The dr. wants to see him again tomorrow, to make sure it's healing properly. He 's worried about scar tissue. Also, Jay was having problems reading the eye chart, but that could have been from the stress of the situation, the tears, the pain, etc.

So, I'm giving him the week off, mostly. We've decided that we'll still do Math, but I'll read the problems to him & do the writing, he just has to tell me what needs to be done. We've got a dvd on Vikings that we borrowed from the library, which we'll watch. He can still do ASL & Music practice. Other than that, it depends on how he's feeling. I told him I want him to try reading tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't be too bad, but today trying to read made his eye hurt. He has to have something to do during the day, though, and it won't be sitting around watching tv. Maybe I'll read him his Science & History books so he can do his narrations.