Thursday, January 19, 2012

Native Americans (2nd Grade)

Tonight, Jay told me he wants to be done studying Native Americans, at least for this year. So, we will finish making the teepee, skip the other activities we had planned, and start Vikings next week. It kind of sucks that we haven't (and won't) finished all of what I had planned, but I'm not going to force him to continue with it. We'll revisit the topic in future years. Since, we're done with our study of Native Americans, here's a list of many of the resources used. We also used many websites, especially since our library doesn't have the best selection of books on this topic.

Cracking the Maya Code
The Americas: The Story of Civilization
Native American Medicine
Betrayal at Little Big Horn
National Geographic: Thunderbeast
Ghosts of Machu Picchu: NOVA
Lost King of the Maya: NOVA
National Geographic: Dawn of the Maya
Breaking the Maya Code
National Geographic: The Great Inca Rebellion
American Experience: We Shall Remain
Battlefield Detectives: Native American Wars: The Apache
Legacy: Native American Photogravures & Music



The Sign of the Beaver

Red Earth, White Lies

The First Americans - this one was just to check out the series & decide if we wanted to use it when we cover U.S. History in 4th & 5th

Thanksgiving dinner

Decorate Drum

Stain & decorate Native American flute

Rain stick