Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puppy is so spoiled

We got our puppy last year, I think it was October. Our neighbor asked us if we could take the puppy. Our neighbor's daughter had found puppy in her neighborhood. Apparently, puppy's original owners moved and left her. She has a useless front leg, due to an untreated broken elbow in the first month or two of her life. She had worms. Both of her back legs are bad, due to knee problems (both knees are twisted, one rather severely), and we've been told not to let her get above 10 lbs. We originally thought she had ear mites. It turned out to be a yeast infection in her ears from her diet. You see, puppy is allergic to grains.

Puppy is a Terrier mix. She's small, only 9 in at the shoulders & about 8 - 9 lbs, and won't be getting any bigger. She was abused, neglected, abandoned, malnourished, and miserable. Now, she is happy, healthy, and looks much better.

Since she is allergic to grains, I looked into the commercial grain-free dog foods. She didn't like them. So, we now feed her a homemade diet, which she loves. We use baby food for the veggies and much of the fruits. I check the labels to make sure she can eat them, don't want any surprises. We cut up some meat for her (beef stew meat, chicken, basically whatever meat we buy for us) to add to her food. Sometimes, we give her fresh fruits or veggies. She loves pineapple, mango, apples, green beans, carrots, pumpkin, & squash. She also likes eggs. She likes bacon & so does our female cat, though the male cats don't seem to like it.

The biggest problem is trying to make sure she doesn't get any grains. She likes popcorn. If some popcorn falls on the floor, she will run in, grab it, and run to another room to eat it (because she knows she shouldn't have it). We had to get rid of our popcorn popper because of that. Un-popped kernels would land in the bowl, then pop in the bowl, sending pieces of popcorn flying all over the kitchen. The whole time, puppy would be running around grabbing pieces and taking them onto the office. So, now we have a bowl that air pops popcorn in the microwave. No more flying popcorn. She also routinely tries to eat the cat food. She will hang out at your feet while you cook, hoping to catch any morsels that escape the pan.

She is so happy though. She is our silly little puppy and I am very glad she found us.