Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week in Review Jan 14, 2012

We had errands to run yesterday, then spent the evening at my sister's house. So, Dea has not yet had the chance to bring me her work from this week. I'll have to post about her work later.

I can post about Jay's week, though.

Language Arts:
Grammar: EG2 day 114 - 118; finished GT book & worksheet on proofreading (he's now completely done with GT)
Writing: he chose the chapter topics for the book he's writing on Giganotosaurus; each topic was written on an index card (each topic got a different color), and all notes for the book are being put on index cards and stored in an index card box; he took notes from 2 books this week
Vocab: his vocab words this week (we try to do one word each day, instead of lists of disconnected words) were Addict, Anomaly, and Acute (we missed 2 days)
Spelling: AAS2 step 5 & 6; I noticed something interesting this week, too........

Here's a pic of his Grammar from earlier this school year (his is the blue writing):

and here's a few of his dictation sentences from Spelling this week:

That is fantastic progress!

Art: CLD3 activities 12 & 13

Computer Programming: practice Logo Adventures lessons 1 - 8

Math: 30 minutes online Math games, 30 minutes Khan Academy, Timez Attack, Division Attack, DD 36, 37, 38

Music: Native American flute practice 2 days, recorder practice 1 day

ASL: ST vol 4 Family, Feeling, & Fun

Latin: LFC A chap 8

Spanish: TMM Spanish 2 days, 30 minutes each day

History: caught up on his History journal, started building a teepee, visit 6 sites on the Apache, Navajo, and Hopi, Geronimo read-aloud

Science: magnetic poles & magnetic fields, tested household objects for magnetism, watch Bill Nye: Magnetism, used iron filings to demonstrate magnetic fields of magnets of various shapes & sizes:

made 'magnetic picture' using magnets, iron filings, and nature print paper:

read Benjamin Franklin Electrified the World with New Ideas and did narration.

Note about abbreviations:
EG2 - Easy Grammar grade 2; GT - Grammar Tales; AAS2 - All About Spelling level 2; CLD3 - Creating Line Designs book 3; ST - Signing Time; LFC A - Latin for Children primer A; TMM - Tell Me More