Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week in Review Jan 16-20

Ok, I'm a little late doing this post, I should have done it yesterday or Friday. I really just didn't have time, though. Friday, after we finished school, we went to the library. Unfortunately, the library was closed. It was snowing & the city hadn't plowed, yet. It took over an hour to get there & back. by the time we got home it was dinner time. Then we had some family time, and then I read until I fell asleep. Yesterday, we went to the library, did grocery shopping, then spent the afternoon at my step-mom's. The kids (and some of the adults) went sledding & we talked and ate delicious chicken tortilla soup. After we got home, my hubby & I watched a little tv, I did the nightly read-aloud with Jay, Dea spent the night at a friend's house, and after Jay went to bed we worked in some quality couple time. So, I'm just now getting to this post.

Dea hasn't shown me her work yet, but I know she didn't get as much done as I would like. She was trying out a new schedule, but I think it was a bit too ambitious. She had scheduled herself longer periods of time than she can really spend on one subject. So, I helped her revise her plans a little, starting with getting an accurate list of exactly how many lessons/chapters/ assignments she has remaining for each course & how long she thinks each of those lessons/chapters/assignments will take her. So, hopefully, we'll start seeing some progress this coming week.

Jay's week also seems a bit short to me. It's probably because we didn't really get in any Science or History.

Language Arts:
Speling: AAS2 - Step 7 & 8
Writing: took notes for his book and practiced drawing Giganotosaurus (he wants to illustrate his book himself)
Grammar: EG2 day 119 - 123
Vocab: Acumen, Notable, Distrust, Archenemy
Literature: focused on 'Setting' this week, went over what it is & discussed the setting for our read-alouds & the books he's been reading

DD: page 39 - 43; fun Math games, Khan Academy

Latin: LFC A: chap 9

Computer Programming: Logo Adventures lesson 9

ASL: ST vol 4 Family, Feeling, & Fun (we do the same dvd for a few weeks, to make sure we have the signs down, before we move on to the next)

Art: CLD3 activity 14-17

Music: practiced Recorder & Native American Flute each two days

Spanish: TMM Spanish 2 days 30 minutes each day

Science: he tried reading a book & doing narration, but was too distracted because his dad was already home form work. So, we're switching things around a little. After lunch, he gets a break. After his break he would normally do his required hour of reading, and start wither History or Science after that. We're going to switch those, though, doing Science or History after the break and then reading. That way, we're done with all or most of Science or History by the time my husband gets home.

History: Jay told me he wants to move on from our study of Native Americans. We didn't finish everything I had planned, but we've spent a lot of time on this topic. I'm not thrilled that we're not finishing, but I don't want to push it on him. So, we finished his teepee and we are done, for now. We'll be starting Vikings this coming week.

Other: On Monday, we watched Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech & Robert Kennedy's "Death of Martin Luther King Jr" speech, and discussed racism & civil rights.

Note on Abbreviations:
CLD3 - Creating Line Designs book 3
TMM - Tell Me More
ST - Signing Time
LFC A - Latin for Children primer A
DD- Defeating Division
AAS2 - All About Spelling level 2
EG2 - Easy Grammar grade 2