Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week in Review

Well, this was week 1 of our experiment of giving Dea control over her schooling. She bombed, big time! She is required to do 4 lessons of Math each week. She did 1. She did no work for her online Writing course. She had a total of of 2 1/2 pages of notes for Science & History (she claims she had more, but can't find them). She claims she did Grammar, but can't find that, either. She did ASL review with Jay. So, almost nothing got done. She better get her butt in gear, or this will be a very stressful, unhappy year.

On to happier subjects, Jay did great this week. He didn't quite get everything done, but he did most of what we aimed for.

Math - DD p. 33, 34, 35; 30 minutes on Khan Academy; 30 minutes of fun Math games

Language Arts - AAS Step 3 & 4; EG2 day 109, 110, 111, 112, 113; GT read the book for Proofreading Francine Fribble, Proofreading Policewman and did the mini-book; for Writing, he changed his mind about his final assignment, decided to do a book instead of research paper (the original assignment had been to write a book, but he wanted to do a research paper, instead), and changed his topic to Giganotosaurus (his original topic choice had been "Why People Shouldn't Kill Animals Just for Their Fur"). He made a list of what he already knows about his topic, what he wants to learn about it, and we looked up books & put them on hold at our library. (did no vocab this week, we'll start that again next week)

Art - CLD3 activity 11

Latin - LFC review chapters 1-7

ASL - review Signing Time DVDs ABCs, 123s, Vol.1 My First Signs, Vol. 2 Playtime Signs, Vol. 3 Everyday Signs

Spanish: TMM Spanish 30 minutes (should do 30 minutes twice a week, but only did one day)

Music - Native American Flute practice, and recorder practice one day each (should be two days each)

Science - assembled, decorated, and flew 3 gliders; decided we are now done with Flight, Forces, and Motion; started Electricity & Magnetism; read MSB and the Electric Field Trip, Watched MSB Gets a Bright Idea, MSB Gets Charged, MSB Gets Energized

History - visited 5 websites about the Apache, Hopi, and Navajo tribes; watched Legacy: Native American Photogravures & Music; read-aloud Sign of the Beaver

Logo Adventures - he tried to go on & practice, but was having some kind of problem. I'm hoping to figure out the problem this weekend, so he can get back to doing it.

Geography - he didn't do anything for this, this week

He also read a lot. He read many graphic novels for our Exploring Genres challenge, as well as finishing off Wolf Brother (a book he start during our holiday break). We have also been reading limericks by Edward Lear, as part of our Poet of the month challenge. (for more info on our challenges, please see the Challenges 2012 page)

Note on abbreviations: DD - Defeating Division (the Mastering Mathematics book we're currently working in); AAS - All About Spelling; GT - Grammar Tales; EG2 - Easy Grammar grade 2; LFC - Latin for Children; ASL - American Sign Language; TMM - Tell Me More; MSB - Magic School Bus; CLD3 - Creating Line Designs book 3