Friday, February 17, 2012

Final plan for 2012-2013 school year

Material plans for the next school year are finalized! Of course, I'm not sure exactly when Dea will be starting her new year, as it depends on when she finishes this year's work. Jay has chosen April 15th as the official start date of his school year. However, he'll likely be ready to start some of his new materials before then. This is the final broad plan for what they'll be doing when they finish their current work.

I've included links for many of the items. Most of the links are to the publisher website. The reason for this is that I'm not trying to push sales for any of these or for any supplier. We'll buy most of our materials at Rainbow Resource, but I'm not pushing for anyone else to buy from there. I know there are some Secular homeschoolers who refuse to shop there because of the large number of Christian materials and not knowing where the company spends their money. While I understand not wanting to give money to a company that may then donate money to a cause you don't believe in, I have to do what is best for my family. Buying most of our supplies from RR saves me a good chunk of money, not to mention time, and allows me to get more for the kids than I would otherwise fit into our budget. So, I shop there. However, I won't just link to their site for each item, because I wouldn't want to push shopping there. Maybe it's my irritation at posts that have a ton of linked items and all links go to Amazon, a place I don't shop. Maybe it's my irritation at people who are part of affiliate programs, but don't tell you that's why those links are on their page/in their post. Whatever the reason, it would likely irritate me if I was reading a post, and in following the links was repeatedly sent to the same site, which I do not like or use. I try no to do things that would bother me. So, I linked to the publisher site whenever I could. If I could not find a publisher link, I linked to the item page at RR (also linked to RR for small stuff).

Dea 9th Grade:

Geometry - Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding, the teacher book, text, tests, and the Geometer's Sketchpad
Accounting - online for spine, LIFEPAC Accounting to supplement (I couldn't find any other program that had a good business simulation with it)

Grammar - Easy Grammar Ultimate grade 11
Writing - online classes (at least one at all times, starting a new one each time she finishes one)
Vocab - 2 words a day
Literature - Lord of the Flies, Three Sisters, Dracula, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Poseidon Adventure, Time Machine, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Lovely Bones, Life of Pi, Pet Semetary

Foreign Languages:
Oxford Latin  - if she doesn't finish it this year
The Joy of Signing - the 5-DVD set & the Complete Language Pack, which contains The Joy of Signing book & 2 puzzle books; also continuing with Signing Time DVDs (if she wants), the ASL Interpreter DVDs from the library, and free online ASL course
Tell Me More Spanish - continue

Art: Photography

Government: online for spine, supplement with additional materials as needed

Economics: online for spine, supplement with additional materials as needed

Science: Geology - online for spine, supplement with additional materials as needed

History: Middles Ages & Renaissance - a course designed by us, no specific required materials

Computer Programming: Logo Adventures & Logo Works

Music: She's decided she wants to learn to play the flute. The problem with this is that she has a metal allergy. We've decided to try a crystal flute.

Geography: The Power of Place, project of Geography in literature

Jay 3rd Grade:


will be doing the books on Fractions and Decimals & Percents in Mastering Mathematics (the program he's currently using), will also add Life of Fred Decimals & Percents and Fractions books to do simultaneously
Tall-Tale Math book 1: Number sense (because he enjoys doing story problems) & book 4: Data & Measurement
continuing with fun Math games, Khan Academy
continuing with Key to Measurement & Metric Measurement

Language Arts:
Grammar: Easy Grammar grade 3 & grade 4
Spelling: All About Spelling levels 3 & 4
Writing: Check the Deck and Flip the Deck
Vocab - word a day
Reading: continue reading books of his choice and books related to studies in various subjects (such as historical fiction set in time period we're studying)

Art: leather work, charcoal, wood burning

Music: continue learning about styles & genres of music, continue Native American flute, continue Recorder, start drums (not sure exactly when we'll get him a drum set)

Geography: study of the States, various resources, continue with Geography games, continue with self-directed Geography study, project of Geography in literature

Foreign Language:
Latin: Latin for Children B
ASL: continue with Signing Time dvds, start ASL Interpreter DVDs & Joy of Signing if ready
Spanish: continue with Tell Me More Spanish

Computer Programming: Logo Adventures & Logo Works

Logic: Logic Safari book 2

Science: Meteorology, Geology, Water/Oceanography
experiments, activities, narration, lots of books, dvds, internet resources, Netflix, etc.
we're getting a Science kit, some fun stuff (like snow & solar beads), and still deciding on which weather station I want to get him
notebook, journal, or some other long-term project for each topic (book, museum exhibit, video, etc.)

History: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Pirates & Explorers
activities, narration, lots of books, dvds, internet resources, Netflix, etc.
building a castle, trebuchet, pirate ship
notebook, journal, or some other long-term project for each topic (book, museum exhibit, video, etc.)

I should be ordering in about 2 weeks. Once the materials get here, I'll do the more detailed plan - where I figure out how it all meshes together. I can't believe there's just under 2 months before Jay starts 3rd grade.