Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In a mood

I've been in a mood lately. It's kind of an anti-social mood. I just really have no desire, right now, for contact with other people, even online. I've barely visited my forums. When I do visit them, I only lurk, looking over recent conversations, but not finding any that I care to join. I don't even bother to sign in. I've been to G+ even less. I'm stopping by FB daily, but only to play some games & check on a few family members that have been posting updates (mainly about medical stuff going on with other family members). I haven't even been reading many of the blogs I read.

I'm not entirely certain what has caused this mood. I've always found dealing with people (in real life) to be rather exhausting. It takes a lot out of me to get through a family holiday or birthday celebration for a friend. Normally, online communication is much less exhausting, since I can end conversations faster, leave the site if someone is irritating me, etc. Lately, however, online is taking just as much out of me as if I were around all these people face to face. So, I'm being a bit of a hermit.