Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have no specific topic in mind for this post, so feel free to ignore it. I think I'm mainly writing it just to help keep me awake. The kids are on break for the next 40 minutes, and I'm exhausted. If I don't do something, I'll be asleep before our afternoon school session. I had hubby pick up some Taco Bell last night (we haven't had any for months & I was too tired to cook). Mine tasted bad, and within 30 minutes I was in the bathroom. My body spent the next few hours expelling every bit of my dinner.

Today, my stomach is cramping, my back hurts, I'm exhausted despite the fact that I was asleep by 11pm (insanely early for me), and am just generally feeling miserable. However, I haven't vomited since last night & have kept down the scrambled eggs & toast I had for breakfast, which is good. So, writing this post is really just to stay awake, not to give an update, rant, or spout 'wisdom' about anything.

We've started a new project. It has its own page. We're tracking the locations in the books we read, not the non-fiction for school, but the read-alouds, historical fiction, the books for our reading challenge, and our personal reading. I also added a page for info about our holiday celebrations. I also moved the list of pages to the side.

I would love to go bed, right now. I could let the kids take the day off and sleep, but that's not the best idea. I dozed during the day one day last week (I've been fighting a sinus infection, too), and Jay burned his arm by overheating water for tea. I'd rather not have a repeat of that (or a similar experience), especially since we're still treating that burn (it was pretty bad). Plus, Dea needs to keep up on her work this week. She is doing some volunteer work today (and I think tomorrow) at the Dyslexia center my sister works at and has a birthday party for a friend next weekend. She has been told that she needs to keep up with her schoolwork or those things don't happen. There's also the fact that we are getting our taxes done today & I need to stay awake so I'm functioning when we go to the accountant.

Well, I think I'm done rambling. I'm going to ready for this afternoon's work with Jay.