Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping Season

I love tax time. As soon as we get that money, I start shopping. I hate shopping for most stuff. I don't enjoy shopping for clothes (even when I had the perfect body) or shoes. Actually, I have always had trouble finding stuff that fits, that's a big part of why I don't like shopping for clothes & shoes. I don't like shopping for purses or jewelry. Really the only things I enjoy shopping for are books, school supplies, and kitchen stuff.

Tax time means shopping for school materials, books, and the things we need but haven't had the extra cash to get. See, I have this habit of taking care of bills first, then food, and using what's left for the extra stuff (like replacing the camera that suddenly decided to blow). That usually means that the extra stuff gets put off for months, sometimes longer.

Since I shop so rarely, for anything more than basic household goods & groceries, and since I get to shop for the things I enjoy shopping for, I get this thrill waiting for the boxes to show up. The first box showed up today. It has two of our ordered books, Three Sisters and We Can Do. Three Sisters is one of the novels that Dea will be reading for English in 9th grade. We Can Do is a book written by a boy who started college at 8, earned his A.A. (with a 4.0) at age 11, and is currently working on his B.A. at UCLA. He wrote the book as an inspiration to other kids, that they can achieve anything with hard work, and to encourage parents to be active in their child's life, not passive. I am kind of hoping that it will be an inspiration to Dea, that she'll be encouraged by this story of a boy her age who is doing so much with his life.

The rest of the books I ordered should be here in a few days. Then, school materials will show up. We still have some other things to buy and other stuff we've bought that will hopefully be here soon. Most of our orders have tracking info. So, I check the tracking info each morning, to see which ones are showing up that day. I listen for the UPS truck or for mail to arrive (depending on how they are coming). When I open the boxes, I'm like a child at Christmas. I can hardly wait to see what's inside them, regardless of the fact that I usually placed the order & know exactly what's in the boxes. I love the smell, feel, and look of new books & school materials. I flip through them, feeling the cool breeze on my face as the pages turn & breathing in the new book smell. I trace raised writing with my fingers, slide my fingertips across the smooth covers. I stack them neatly, on a clean surface (seriously, I wash the table or sweep the floor first), before I inventory them. I open every kit and look over each piece within them.

With the boxes appearing on my doorstep over the next few weeks, it should be quite fun around here.