Friday, February 24, 2012

Week in Review 2-24-12

Well, this has been a not-so-happy week. Despite dealing with my grandmother's death, we've forged ahead with school.

Dea did 4 lessons of Math. She did a little Writing and finished her essay for Poetry. She did 6 Grammar lessons. She took some more notes for History and did some supplemental work for Anatomy & Physiology.


EG2 - day 143 - 147
Writing - started typing his book from his notes
AAS2 - step 14 - 15
Literature elements - setting & mood
Geography games online
Logo Adventures lesson 11
DD p.61 - 64
Key to Measurement bk1 p. 27 - 33
LFC A chap 13 - a review chapter, we plan on spending next week continuing review
Khan academy & fun Math games
Vocab - annihilate, terrestrial, tangible, torpedo, toxic
read from Nikola Tesla's Autobiography
watched Tesla: Master of Lightning and The Viking Age: The Story of Civilization
ASL - ST vol 7 Leah's Farm

We didn't really get any Art, Music, or Spanish done this week. It was just one of those weeks where things were a bit off. Our main computer (the one Jay uses) has been having problems. There's something wrong with the hard drive. It's not caused by a virus, but it does cause some problems using it. We had my brother-in-law (our computer guy) take a look at it. So, he had it for a few days, which restricted Jay's use, obviously. Without the computer, he couldn't do Spanish & didn't get much of the typing of his book done.