Friday, February 17, 2012

Week in Review 2/17

Dea just handed me this week's work. She did 4 lessons in Algebra, 6 lessons in Grammar, completed Lesson 11 in her online Writing class, and did one of her projects for History. She didn't finish anything for her online Poetry class, but is working on an assignment for it. I would still prefer to see more work from her, but this is a huge improvement! Yay!

Jay did a decent amount of work this week, too, especially since I've been sick & he's got a 2nd degree burn on his arm.

DD p. 56 - 60; Khan Academy; fun Math games, Key to Measurement p. 26

Latin: LFC A chap 12

ASL: ST vol 6 My Favorite Things

Spanish: TMM Spanish 2 days, 30 min each

Language Arts:
Spelling: AAS2 step 13
Grammar: EG2 day 138 - 142
vocab: scald, bonus
discussed Point of View in writing

Music: practice recorder 2 days, practiced Native American flute 1 day

Art: didn't really do Art this week

Computer Programming: didn't get done this week

Geography: started our Geography in Literature project

Science: read The Story Behind Electricity and Amazing Ben Franklin Invention You Can Build Yourself

History: read What Did the Vikings do for Me? and History Dudes: Vikings, did online research on Vikings, played Viking Quest