Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week in Review Feb 3, 2012

Well, it's really more like 2 weeks in review.

We'll start with Dea. She is still working on finding a schedule that works for her. She is getting a little better about getting her work done, but is still not doing everything that's required. This week, she did get more than one Math lesson done, and that is an improvement. She also did work in her online Writing course and signed up for a Poetry Writing course at the same place. She has been spending a lot of time working on History, but still has nothing to show except notes. She's putting in a bit more effort in Latin & ASL, and seems to be finally enjoying the languages. She has finished reading Eaters of the Dead & watched The 13th Warrior. Next, she needs to read The Lord of the Ring Trilogy. She's got about 10 library books out right now that she plans to read. She's been really enjoying our reading challenge, Exploring Genres, and our Poet of the Month. This week was a bit strained for everyone. So, I'm hoping to see more improvement next week.

Now onto Jay.

Math: DD p.44 - 49, fun Math games,Timez Attack, Division Attack, Khan Academy, Key to Measurement bk1 p.16 -18

Language Arts:
EG2 day 124 - 132
AAS2 Step 9, 10, and review of steps 1 - 10
Writing - online research on Giganotosaurus and organizing notes
Vocab words (we missed several days): Action, Monotonous, Zoology, Mythomania, Tyrannosaurus, Exclaim

Latin: LFC A Chapter 10, Headventure Land

ASL: ST vol 4 Family , Feelings, Fun, and ST vol 6 My Favorite Things

Spanish: TMM Spanish 2 days

Logo Adventures Lesson 10 & 10A

Music: Recorer & Native American Flute 3 days each

Art: CLD3 activity 19 & 20

Science:  read I've Discovered Electricity!; Ben Franklin: His Wit & Wisdom From A-Z; Circuits, Shocks, & Lightning; The Remarkable Benjamin Franklin; How Does a Waterfall Become Electricity
did narrations on 3 of those books
studied & drew the parts of an atom

History: read: Viking Longship; The Gruesome Truth About the Vikings
did narration on one of those books
did map work showing where the Vikings lived & some places they traveled, will continue adding as we learn more
Who Am I? activity on Viking explorers & settlers
read from Learning Through History Viking issue
watched Leif Ericson: Voyage of a Viking

Now, this week was a bit light on schoolwork for two reasons.
1) Monday was a day off for us. My husband took the day off work and we took a field trip. We visited a Natural History museum. We had a great time wandering through it, looking at the exhibits, visiting the paleontology & biology labs, petting a live snake, and taking tons of pictures (both my digital cameras stopped functioning properly & we went through 8 batteries in 2 museums). We visited exhibits on Geology, Native American, Dinosaurs & other prehistoric animals, local flora & fauna, and the traveling exhibit on Ice Age Mammals. The kids bought rocks in the gift shop, to add to their rock collections.
Then, we went home, had lunch, and walked the dog. After lunch, we went to a Science museum. We spent the next few hours playing with electricity, air pressure, lasers, farm equipment, a flight simulator, virtual reality sports, simple machines, magnets, bubbles, and puzzles. We assembled a human body(well, its organs, anyway), typed Morse code messages to each other, watched a cyclone form from smoke, looked at our fingerprints, and looked at optical illusions.
After all of that, we went out to dinner at a local sandwich shop we'd never been to before. It was a great day & we all had fun.
2) The second reason wasn't so fun. On Tuesday, Jay poked himself in the eye. He has really sharp, thin nails. Apparently, he gouged his cornea, not scratched it, gouged it. The doctor was really worried about scar tissue causing permanent damage to his vision. Just what every parent wants to hear - "Your child has a gouge in his eye and the resulting scar tissue, that may form while it heals, could impair his vision for life." He prescribed antibiotic drops and said to give him Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain. We had to take him in the next day to check how it was healing. He surprised the hell out of the doctor when they looked and saw it completely healed. It's common for minor corneal abrasions to heal in 1-3 days, but more severe ones (you know, like a gouge instead of a scratch) should take longer to heal. Not in the case of my son, though. They said to continue the drops for a few extra days, just to be safe. After all, the eye is not a good place to get an infection. His eye hurt quite a bit, even after it healed, so we eased up on the amount of reading he does. I let him take it easy this week, doing less than a full week of school, and much less reading & writing than usual.