Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dea's Schooling

This year is an experiment for us, in regards to Dea's schooling. She knows all the work she needs to do for each course, and gets to pretty much decide for herself what gets done when. We had agreed that she would show me her work at the end of each week. However, she has had some issues with actually showing her work each week. So, starting this week, she has to show me daily.

Now, when I do post about what she's been doing for school, I don't usually post much. I generally just post her Writing, Grammar, and Math work. The truth is, though, that most of her school time each day is spent on History & Science. There aren't many assignments for those courses, though. I don't really post about what she's doing for them, unless she finished and handed in an assignment. The same is true for the Literature portion of her English course. This year, the focus is on Mythology & Legends. She has some books to read, as well as myths & legends from various civilizations, and a few assignments to do. I don't post much about it because I guess I just don't see the point in posting things like: She's reading mythology for X civilization, but I have no idea when to expect the assignment, or She is still reading (fill in book title here). Just like I don't see the point of posting: She took notes for a History assignment or She read 2 chapters in her Anatomy & Physiology textbook.

Also, she's really bad about getting everything she does written down in her notebook. So, I don't always know everything she's been doing. I don't necessarily know if she did Spanish, Logo, or worked in the free online ASL or Latin courses she's added to her schooling. When she practices her recorder, and now her flute, she does it upstairs, in her bedroom. Since there is always so much noise on the main floor, I don't always hear her practicing.

So, my posts about what she does for school each week are unfortunately & consistently incomplete. I'm thinking about just posting about what Jay does for school each week and having her do guest posts about her work. That way, the posts would be more accurate and complete.