Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ninth Grade Plans

With the materials for next year here, I'm finishing up the fine detailed plans. I just did a post about Jay's 3rd grade year, with more of the specifics about what he'll be doing & what materials he'll be using. So, I thought I'd do a similar post for Dea's 9th grade year. I'm not sure exactly when she'll be starting her 9th grade year, but at least I've got it planned.

She'll be doing Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding (Jacob's Math). We picked up The Geometer's Sketchpad (software), as well. She will continue to use Khan Academy as a supplement, and may use Life of Fred Geometry as a supplement also (since we already have it). I'm not thrilled with the organization of the Teacher's Manual for Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding. I would prefer it be organized by chapter, but it's not. The first section is the answers. The second section is lesson plans. The third section is Notes, and the fourth section is projects to do with The Geometer's Sketchpad related to lessons in the book. It's just not intuitive at all.

Accounting: online course supplemented with LIFEPAC Accounting. After looking through (not scouring, but scanning) LIFEPAC Accounting, I'm actually rather impressed. I didn't notice any religious references or Bible passages. Plus, it seems fairly comprehensive.

Easy Grammar Ultimate grade 11
Writing: online classes, at least one at all times, not sure exactly which ones she'll choose
Vocab: she chooses 2 words per day as her vocabulary words
Literature: 12 books, do a project on each, watch a movie version (or more) of each book (when possible)
book choices - Lord of the Flies, Three Sisters, Dracula, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Poseidon Adventure, The Time Machine, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Life of Pi, The Lovely Bones, Pet Sematary

Geology online class, supplemented with books from library, documentaries, and any other needed materials.

Middle Ages & Renaissance, a course designed by Dea & me. Various specific topics covered, a project for each topic.

online course, supplemented with books from library, internet, documentaries, etc.

online course, supplemented with books from library, internet, etc.

She'll be focusing on photography, we're getting her a new camera for her birthday.

She'll be learning to play the flute

Finishing Oxford Latin (she hasn't gotten as far in it as she should have), also using free online course

She'll continue with Tell Me More Spanish.

She'll mainly be using The Joy of Signing (we're waiting on the DVDs for it, they're on backorder).

World Geography:
The Power of Place, free online materials

Informal studies:
Sewing using Sew Fast, Sew Easy
Logic using online logic games, online analogy games, logic puzzles from various logic puzzle books, we also have a few Analogy workbooks that she hasn't finished yet (she actually hid them because she didn't want to do them)
Computer Programming using Logo Works & Logo Adventures