Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent Project

I cook & bake a lot. Over the years, I have collected a ton of stuff for the kitchen - gadgets, small appliances, cookware/bakeware. This can lead to some clutter issues. I recently purchased new non-stick cookware. The old set was pretty old & not exactly high quality. My hubby got a bonus and wanted us to spend it on frivolous stuff, since we don't often buy unnecessary items (especially expensive ones). So, I decided to buy some beautiful, non-stick, Calphalon cookware.

Once I got the new pots & pans, I made sure to speed up the project we were working on - hanging peg boards for the pots & pans and reorganizing the cabinet that previously held the several sets of cookware I own. Not all the pots & pans can hang on the peg board. The cast iron casserole dishes & skillet are simply too cumbersome & heavy. The large stockpot & cooking cauldron wouldn't fit, either. However, my new non-stick pots & pans, my 2 stainless steel sets, and the miscellaneous pieces (a grill pan, a large non-stick that's not part of a set, and my non-stick wok) all fit.

Once those were hanging, I bought a Rubbermaid tote to hold the lids and keep them from taking over the cabinet. Then, I was able to organize the cabinet and put a few more things in it.

Here is the wall before the peg boards:

Here is that corner, with the new peg boards:

This is the cabinet that used to hold all the pots, pans, & their lids:
                In the above picture: the lids for the pots & pans on the bottom shelf; top shelf has red enameled cast iron casserole dishes & small skillet, cooking cauldron topped with steamer baskets                        

Pictured below: the crockpot on the top shelf; my meat slicer, stockpot, rice cooker, and cast iron tea pot on bottom shelf