Saturday, March 10, 2012

She's Going to Get Hit, by the cat

Yesterday, we bought Dea's birthday present. Her birthday is later this month, but she knew what she was getting & was there when we bought it. So, we gave it to her early. Her present was a new camera. She really loves photography and has some natural talent with it. We want to encourage that. A few years ago, she asked for a camera for Christmas and got 4 of them. One was tiny, keychain digital that has no flash & no features. One was a kids' digital that came with software to edit the photos, but had no flash. The other two were 35mm, one a Disney Princess and the other a Bratz. We returned those two & used the money toward an Olympus. It's  a nice camera, but it's a 35mm & she still didn't have a good digital. Plus, we seem to have misplaced the container that holds the cameras.

The camera we bought her isn't great. It's a cheapy Vivitar. I basically just want to make sure she's going to stick with it, though. It does have some features, so she can learn how to utilize different features (remember, her last digital didn't even have flash, there were no features). If she sticks with it, next year or the year after, I'll get her a good camera.

She's been walking around the house taking pictures of everything & everyone. However, the female cat is not appreciating having the camera shoved in her face. Each time Dea takes the cat's picture, I see the cat get angrier & angrier. She's going to hit Dea if she keeps shoving that camera in her face, and she's got claws so it will hurt.

I'm glad that Dea is so happy about her present, though. I really hope that her interest in photography lasts. After her "I want to play guitar" for well over a year, trying to play her dad's guitar, til we finally got her a guitar of her own, when she decided approximately a month later that she no longer wanted to play guitar, I really hope this interest stays. She has a tendency to want to do something, until she has the means to do it. Once she has her own materials or tools for whatever it is, her interest sometimes wanes. Though, sometimes, the interest does persist & she really sticks with it. There's no telling which way it will turn out. This is the reason we didn't get her a good camera. I was not going to spend over a $100 on a camera that she would use for a few weeks, then put away and never pick up again. Hopefully, getting beat up by the cat, for repeatedly shoving the camera in her face, won't deter her from this hobby.