Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning

With Spring officially here now, and Spring weather having been here for weeks, I'm ready to start my Spring Cleaning. Yesterday, I sat down and wrote out a list of all the things I need to do for Spring Cleaning this year. I tried to leave out most of the stuff that we'd be doing anyway, but made sure to add the things I plan to do regularly that just don't always get done (as well as a few new things that have recently come to our attention). It's actually a fairly short list.

I know that a lot of people focus on one room at a time, and do a deep clean before moving onto the next room. However, that just doesn't always work for us. I organized the list by room. It really will just be a checklist, though, with us doing whichever items we have time for, when we have the time. I'm not concerned with making sure that one room is completely finished before doing the next. I just want it all to get done.

So, here's my Spring Cleaning list:

Clean & reorganize drawers
Clean & reorganize pantry
Vacuum Fridge coils
Wash outside of all appliances
Clean the pot cabinet & organize the pot lids - this is actually part of a project we're doing, we just hung up peg boards to hold most of the pots & pans, and now need to reorganize the cabinet

Remove all clutter from floor
Dust high shelves
Find way to keep power strip off floor & more accessible

School Room:
Scrub floor
Purge unused school materials
Rip up carpet in closet

Living Room:
Scrub floor
Find new home for the vinyl
Dust high shelves

Replace shower curtain liner
Replace shower head
Scrub shower/tub area
Purge drawers & shelves
Replace candle

The Kids' Rooms & Hallway:
Purge clothes