Friday, March 9, 2012


Anyone who has been in our house can tell you that our tv is on pretty much constantly. What they may not realize, though, is that we often aren't really watching it. It is usually on for background noise. I have a serious aversion to silence. Having the tv on means it's not silent. It also gives my brain something to focus on, at all times. My brain has to multi-task. I need to have more than one thing to focus on. If I don't, the obsessive part of my personality takes over. Plus, I concentrate better when focusing on more than one thing. The tv provides that secondary focal point for my brain. So, it is almost always on.

That said, we don't watch too much tv. We have some shows that we enjoy, but don't really watch a lot. Now that we have Netflix, we don't really watch regular tv anymore, except sometimes putting on one of our PBS channels. We watch all of our regular shows on Netflix instant or on DVD. We also don't really have cable (and we definitely don't have satellite), so Netflix & DVDs allow us to watch shows we wouldn't otherwise be able to watch. Yes, I realize that some of the shows are available to watch on various sites, so we could watch some on our computers. I really don't enjoy watching tv on a computer, though. Partially because I'm generally using my computer while watching tv, partially because I prefer the larger screen of the tv, and partially just because I don't enjoy having us all crammed right next to each other to watch something. I like my personal space & having all 4 of us crowded around a computer to watch a show would drive me nuts. We use a Roku to stream our Netflix instant to our tv. Life is so much simpler this way, at least for us.

Anyway, watching our shows only on Netflix instant & DVDs means that we are at least one season behind in all of our shows. We're cool with that. Watching this way also means that we don't miss episodes. We don't have to worry about recording episodes or dealing with multiple shows being on at the same time. When my hubby worked nights, I recorded all of our shows, so he could stay current. Just to make it difficult, they had two of our shows on at the same time on two different nights. We didn't (and still don't) have TiVo or any other DVR. That meant recording on our VCRs and (when we had one) our dvd recorder. It was a pain in the neck to get it all set up several days a week, to record whichever show(s) was on that night.

Ok, this was a long way to get to my point. We love Mythbusters. However, without cable, our only way to watch is on DVD or Netflix. The problem is that Netflix only carries the 'collections' not the seasons. The same for our library. So, we've only seen the episodes that are on the collections. We've seen collections 1-7 (which are not full seasons) and some of the special collections (like the Big Blast Collection). There are a lot of episodes that we haven't seen, though. So, I finally bought seasons 1-7 and some of the special collections. They were on sale at the Discovery Channel site, and we had a little play money form taxes. So, I went ahead and ordered them. Now, we just have to wait until they get here. This is one of the few shows we will actually buy on DVD. Most shows, we will borrow from the library or Netflix & watch once. Then, if we want to watch them again, we'll borrow them again. The reason is because most shows aren't ones we want to watch again & again. You don't want to watch the same crimes get solved over & over again, or listen to the same jokes repeatedly. Knowing exactly what season this couple gets together, that couple breaks up, that character dies, those characters move away, etc., etc., makes it less enjoyable. So, you don't watch the same show over & over. You watch it once through, then put it away for months or years before you put it in again. At least, that's how we are. Shows that get played more than that are usually more for background noise than to actually watch. So, we don't buy a lot of tv shows on DVD. We borrow or watch on Netflix instead. Mythbusters, though, is one of those shows that we can watch again and again. Plus, the DVDs should have quite a few episodes that we have never seen.

Between waiting for the things that haven't arrived yet and going through all the boxes that have arrived lately, it's like Christmas or Halloween here (I mean the level of excitement, we never get this much stuff for Christmas). Most of the school stuff is here. We're picking up the basics (paper, pens, etc.) this weekend, and the Joy of Signing DVDs (the only backordered item form our RR order) are on their way. We bought Jay's b-day presents (a book & monocular). We bought books & some household things. We still have some stuff to buy, much of it should be purchased this weekend. So, there have been several boxes showing up at the door, and there are several more to come. Within a few weeks, things will be back to normal, no more boxes, no more excited waiting. Hopefully, back to normal will also mean no more 7.5 hour melt-downs over school or asking 40 times a day to use the newest thing we opened. Yes, the excitement does have its downside. So, while I'm enjoying the air of excitement in the house & love seeing the kids' faces light up when we open the boxes of various things (like school materials & a rice cooker), I'll be happy when it is over and we can go back to normal.