Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week in Review 3/18/12

I think I missed last week. So, this will be two weeks of work.

Dea - We're still having trouble getting Dea to actually show me her work each week. I see her working on stuff during the seek, but she really has trouble getting it to me come the week's end. She has been doing some work on History projects, and I've seen her doing some Math. She has also been doing some work on Anatomy & Physiology. However, she still hasn't shown me her work. So, I'm not sure exactly what she's done.

AAS 2 - step 16 - 20
Vocab - Commutator, Encounter, Ally, Sanitary, Order, Insanity, Antipathy, Transmutation
EG 2 - day 153 - 162
discussed Symbolism & Allegory

DD. - p.69 - 76
Key to Meas. bk1 - p.39 - 41, p.42-43 practice test - he took this week off, having finished book1 last week, will start next book on Monday

LFC A - chap. 14 & 15

Art Auction Mystery Book

Latin games, Logic games, Geography games, Math games, Khan Academy, visit some sites for History & Science

ST - vol 7 Leah's Farm

Native American Flute practice & reading about the history of the Native American Flute

He read several books for Science & History, including the books I had planned for next week. So, we'll likely focus on experiments & activities next week.

We've been having some problems with the main computer, which is the one Jay generally uses. So, he hasn't been able to work on his Writing assignment (he's already started typing the chapters for his book, bust had to wait until computer issues were solved to finish), his computer programming (Logo is only installed on that computer), or Spanish (TMM is only installed on that computer). We've been having issues for weeks, but think we finally have them taken fixed. We needed a new hard drive & now have the new one in & everything on it. Hopefully, that means he can get back to doing those subjects on Monday.