Monday, March 26, 2012

Week in Review 3/26/12

I'm a few days late with this, since it's already Monday. Last week was a difficult week for us, though. On Thursday, we took in an adorable, sweet, gorgeous, orphaned, newborn kitten. He was maybe 2 days old. Unfortunately, he wasn't in great shape - his breathing sometimes became erratic & labored. We spent Saturday morning at the vet's office, because his breathing problems became severe, but they said there was nothing they could do for him. He died later that morning. He may have only been with us for a few days, but it has been a difficult loss for us.

Dea's week:
She did 4 lessons in her Writing class, and currently has an overall grade of 83.4% in that class. She did 10 days of Easy Grammar 10. She also did her 4 lessons of Algebra. Thursday night, she spent the night at her aunt's house & went to the midnight showing of The Hunger games. She came home Friday morning just to get ready to leave again. She spent much of Friday doing volunteer work with her other aunt. After she got home Friday afternoon, we went to do the kids' clothes shopping.

Jay's Week:
Math: DD p. 78 - 81, Khan Academy, Math games, Key to Metric Measurement book 1 p.1
Language Arts: EG2 day 163 - 166; AAS2 step 21 - 23; Vocab - irrational, morbid, erupt; Writing - typed, revised, and edited chap 1-3 of his book on Giganotosaurus; discussed foreshadowing & flashbacks
Logic - Word Winks, Fun with Logic
Geography - Geography games, state study Illinois
Latin - LFC A chap 16
Science - experiments with conductivity of different metals & fruits
History - made rune stones, label longship diagram, raiding word search, visited several History sites
Music - Recorder & N.A. flute practice

He had a headache on Wed, and got no work done that day. He didn't have full days of schoolwork on Thur & Fri, due to the baby kitten. He also had a fun time shopping for clothes on Fri.