Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week in Review 3/30/12

This was another short week for us. Dea's birthday was this week. My husband took Monday off and we spent the morning hiking at a state park. We took a picnic lunch with us, but came home to eat it due to the cold and strong winds. Then, my hubby & Dea spent the afternoon doing the breaks on my in-laws' vehicle. We also had a few appointments this week. One of the appointments was for hubby & Dea, at an animal sanctuary where they will be volunteering every week. Another reason for the week being short was Jay's drum set finally getting here. The excitement over it & getting it set up disrupted things a bit. On top of all of that, my niece is spending the weekend with us, for Dea's b-day. So, here is the little bit of work we got done this week:

Alg: 2 assignments & 1 test finished, 1 assignment not yet finished (will finish tomorrow morning)
Writing: 3 lessons
Grammar: 6 days from EG10
She also did some Logic puzzles, research for History, and read Myths for English.

Logic: Word Winks, Logic Safari bk2 less 1, Fun With Logic, and other Logic puzzles
Math: DD p. 82 - 85, Metric Measurement bk1 p. 2 - 6
Language Arts: AAS2 step 24 & 25 (he is now finished with level 2), type chapter 4 of book, discussed Personification & Hyperbole, EG2 day 167-170, Vocab - surreptitious, anesthetic, elite, pretentious
Latin: LFCA chap 17
ASL: ST vol 7 Leah's Farm
Geography: Map Corner - Scale
Music: Drums & N.A. Flute
Science: Watch Benjamin Franklin: Citizen of the World

We seemed to have some trouble getting to History & Science this week. We're also having problems with the main computer, again. This newest issue should be fixed this weekend. It did, however, prevent use of the computer much of the time. However, since Spanish & Logo are both optional for Jay, I'm not concerned if he doesn't get to them. It will be nice to have the computer working properly again, though. That way, he can do them, if he chooses.