Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week in Review 3/3/12

This was a short week for us, work-wise anyway. We took Monday off to celebrate the 8th anniversary of when Jay finally came home from the hospital. Tuesday, Jay had a huge meltdown that lasted about 7.5 hours. Then, on Friday the rest of the books I ordered showed up, which is like Christmas around here, lots of excitement. So, we did not get a full week of work done. Dea hasn't handed her work in to me yet, as she plans to finish it over the weekend.

Here's what Jay did this week:

DD - p.65 - 68
Khan Academy, Math games, Timez Attack, Division Attack
Key to Measurement bk1 - p.34 - 38
EG2 - day 148 - 152
discussed Symbolism & Allegory
Vocab - dynamo, translatory
visited sites with biographies on Tesla
visited fun Science sites with info & games relating to electricity & magnetism
visited History sites related to Vikings
read from Tesla's autobiography
watched Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit the World

So, really lite week. Hopefully we'll be back to normal next week.