Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finishing 2nd Grade

This is Jay's last week of 2nd grade. As of April 16th, he will be a 3rd grader! In regards to the work, this means nothing. We've already started on the Spelling & Math for 3rd grade. He is only halfway done with his Latin, so we'll just continue it in 3rd, starting on the next level when this one is done. He finished History last week. He will finish his 2nd grade Grammar, Writing, and Science this week, by sheer coincidence.

He is thrilled about moving on to 3rd grade and keeps saying that he wishes today was the first day of the new school year. He is really looking forward to being able to say that he's a 3rd grader.

Of course, the kids are now on totally different schedules and Dea's year is not ending soon. This may seem more confusing, but I haven't noticed any problems with it, yet. Actually, Jay's excitement over his new year starting (plus the arrival of the new materials) has been getting Dea excited about her next year. So, maybe she'll get a move on with this year's work so she can get to next year.

He is getting so big and, in some ways, acting so grown up. There are times when I can honestly forget that he is only 8, like when I'm searching for Algebra programs for him, in case Life of Fred doesn't work for him. Or when he starts in with his encyclopedic knowledge of something. Or when I wake up in pain from one of my conditions, and he says "Mom you stay in bed and rest. I'll do my independent work. I can do (fill in the blank with the list of subjects he can do without me) while you rest."

Of course, there are other times when he is very much like a typical young boy, like when we're at the library and gets excited about a Goosebumps or Scooby-Doo that he hasn't seen or the next book in the Warriors series. Or when he gets excited about our read-aloud.

It is just so hard to believe that in a week, he will officially be a 3rd grader.