Monday, April 9, 2012

Vikings (grade 2)

The 13th Warrior
The Viking Age: The Story of Civilization
Leif Ericson - Voyages of a Viking
The Viking Deception
The Vikings: NOVA

Viking Longship
The Gruesome Truth About The Vikings
Norse Mythology
Everyday Life in Viking Times
Traditional Tales from Norse Lands
The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God
What Did the Vikings Do For Me?
Why Why Why Were the Vikings so Fierce?
How People Lived in Viking Times
The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings
History Dudes: Vikings
The Sea Singer (historical fiction)
Gods & Goddesses of the Ancient Norse

Explorers & Settlers Who Am I? (matching activity page) from Viking Activity book
Map Work (where the Vikings settled, routes they took, trading) from Viking Activity book
Raiding Word Search from Viking Activity book
Longship diagram from Viking Activity book
make Runestones:

build a Viking house: (it has no roof, so you can see the benches & fire pit inside)

Instead of doing a Viking Feast, we found out what foods they ate and just made sure we tried some throughout the study. This even included ordering cheese online from Scandinavia. By the way, Vasterbotten is a very good cheese, and Gjetost is phenomenal. Gjetost has the texture, color, and even subtle taste of caramel.