Friday, April 13, 2012

Week in Review 4/13/12 End of grade 2

Dea went out of town last week. She didn't get home until Monday night, and I gave her Tuesday off to make sure she got enough sleep. She's going to spend part of her weekend doing schoolwork, to make up for what she didn't get done this week, since she slacked a bit all week long. So, this post won't have anything to do with her school, just Jay's.

This was our final week of Grade 2. As of Monday morning, he will be starting 3rd grade.

PP p. 1 - 7
Metric1 p.10 - 14
TTM4 p.8
TTM1 p.8-9

Language Arts:
AAS3 step 2
EG2 day 177-180
title page, illustrations, and assemble/bind book on Giganotosaurus for Writing
vocab - obstinate, anthropomorphic, superfluous

LFC A chap 18

ST vol 8 The Great Outdoors

MC equator
Geography games

LS2 lesson 3


made an electromagnet

It was an easy week. I have been dealing with a lot of pain this week. So, we took it easy most of the week and skipped a whole day. We are waiting until next week to start the new topic for History. We will start the new topic for Science either next week or the week after. Spanish and Computer Programming are his choices, and he does not have to do them. He will have to do Spanish in a few years, but he chose to do it now. I'm not sure that he'll be continuing with either of those in 3rd grade. He has always been fairly sporadic about doing them.

I have spent this week packing up the finished work from 2nd grade, getting it into the tote in which it will live. Now that he has finished the last little bit of 2nd grade work, I will get that put in the tote & get the tote put away. We are not taking a break between grade. He will start 3rd grade on Monday.