Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in Review 4/27/12

This will actually cover 2 weeks - last week & this week.

It has been a busy & hectic two weeks. Last week, we officially started Jay's 3rd grade year. However, we only ended up doing school two days. Wednesday, I had a migraine. Thursday, I still had my migraine & Jay had a headache. Dea had a worse day, though. She wasn't paying attention to her breakfast & used syrup that had started to mold. She spent the rest of the day vomiting. In the afternoon, we took her to the ER, when it appeared that she had started to vomit blood. It turned out to be just coloring from the boysenberry syrup. Friday, we decided to take the day off to recuperate from the previous two days. Then, this week wasn't a full week either. Jay did no school on Wednesday. He claimed he had a stomachache all morning, then a headache throughout the afternoon. We also missed Tuesday due to total lack of sleep. Dea didn't manage to get much school work done these two weeks, either, and has managed to show me even less.

In other events of these weeks, we got a new kitten. He is 5 weeks old, all black, and is named Nightmare. As I type this, he is climbing my chair & trying to eat my mouse cord. He is a very frisky little thing. The vet said he is just fine - no ticks, no fleas, no injuries or illnesses. He wasn't fully weaned when we got him, but that changed quickly. He wasn't doing a lot of moving around when we got him, either. That has also changed. He was pretty much a rescue. A neighbor has an outdoor cat that they refuse to spay, and it pops out a new litter every year. So, they've been walking around the neighborhood giving the kitten to anyone who will take them. The reason I say it's kind of a rescue is that this particular family should not have pets. The mother cat is not well cared for, and I have seen the daughter treat kitten from previous litters in unacceptable ways. We also found a great vet. We had been very unsatisfied with the vets we had previously dealt with. This place, though, is much better. We took the dog in for a second opinion on all of the things wrong with her. Her knees are not as bad as we had been told, and can be fixed with surgery. Though surgery is not needed at this time. He aslo said that she does NOT have an allergy to grains. We had thought that her constant scratching her ears was from the grain allergy we had been told she had. She is on a homemade grain-free diet, but regularly sneaks cat food, bread tossed in the yard for the birds, etc. Apparently, she's been scratching her ears simply because they are dirty. He saw no mites, no infection, and no signs of food allergy. That means that she can eat real dog food!

As I said, Dea did, well... not much of anything these last two weeks. She got busted spending school time watching videos on YouTube, commenting on songs on Pandora, and visiting various other sites she has no permission to visit. That pretty much explains the lack of actual school work to show at the end of the day.

Jay: (the page where I listed his 3rd grade curriculum also has the abbreviations I'll use for each, in case you aren't sure what something is)
PP p.8-12
Metric1 p.16-24
TTM1 p.10-13
TTM4 p.9

Language Arts:
EG3 p.2-6
AAS3 step 3 & 4
CTD chap 1
discussed Metaphors & Onomatopoeia
vocab - diurnal, malady, hypochondria

LFCA chap 19

LS2 lesson 4 & 5

MC - latitude

Each week he chose a work of art & we studied & discussed it - what we liked & disliked about it, how it made us feel, what it made us think, the medium used, the colors, lines, etc. We learned who the artist was & when that particular piece was done. The two paintings he chose were: Aristocratic Children in a Carriage Drawn by Goats - Ferdinand Bol and The Scream - Edvard Munch.

N.A. flute

History & Science:
He read several books for these subjects. His new History topic is Medieval Times. His new Science topis is Meteorology.