Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week in Review 4/8/12

I swear we never have a full week that allows us to do school work every day. This week, Dea left on Wednesday, after her volunteer time at the animal sanctuary. Her Grandma took her out to Indian Lake. She should be home sometime Monday. Tuesday, Jay threw a fit and got nothing done. My husband had Friday off work, and we spent part of the day at the Dr. I had a piece of glass in my foot, and the Dr had to make a half inch deep incision to dig it out.

Dea: Alg. - 3 lessons
EG10 - day 62-73
She also finished her first online Writing class, Writing Basics 101, with a total score of 82%!

Math: DD p.86 - 90. He has now finished the book! Monday he will start Perfecting the Point (decimals & percents). He will only be doing the first 30 pages of PP before switching to Finishing Fractions. Then, he will do all of FF before going back to finish of PP. We're doing it this way because we want to do fractions before decimals & percents. The first 30 pages of PP are about place value. Since he hasn't formally covered place value yet, I want to cover that first. He'll also be starting the books we got for story problems.
Metric Meas. bk 1 - p.7-9

Language Arts: EG2 day 171-176
AAS3 - step 1
Discuss Similes
Vocab: serendipity, intrinsic, ambidexterity

Latin: LFC A chap 18, a review chap that we will continue with next week

Logic: LS2 (Logic Safari bk 2) lesson 2, Word Winks, Fun with Logic, Original Logic Puzzles, logic games

Geography: IL state study, Geography games

Music: drums

History: build Viking house - He didn't want  a roof on it, so you can see inside it. We added multiple doors because we found multiple sources saying that their houses had more than one door, even though all floor plans we found only showed one door.

Science: testing conductors & insulators (a list of items Jay wrote up), 4 experiments from the MSB kit, 2 electricity games, bios on Ohm, Volta, & Faraday, start reading bio on Edison