Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Entertainment

With May being half over, I'm looking into plans for the summer. We don't do anything big, like vacations. However, our city does have some free entertainment available each summer. The city does a weekly Movie in the Park night, and has a few series of free concerts in the parks. The movies & concerts run from early to mid-June through mid to late-August. They don't seem to have put out any info on them, yet, for this summer. As soon as they put out the schedules, I'll look through & see which ones we might want to go to this year. I don't know how many we'll do, with how hot & humid the summer will be. I'd really like to get to some of the concerts this summer, we only got to one last year. Of course, there are also the local art & craft shows that will happening throughout the summer. We'll likely go to some of those, as well.

We won't be going to the fireworks for the 4th this July. My younger sister is getting married that day, so we'll be going to the wedding. Actually, the kids will be in the wedding. Dea will be a Jr Bridemaid & Jay will be the Ringbearer.

This next week is actually going to be really busy, though not for me. There is a birthday party on Saturday, a graduation party on Sunday, and another birthday party next Wednesday. We got very little notice on these. For the party next week, we got 2 weeks notice. For the graduation party, we got 1 1/2 weeks notice. We only got a few days notice about the party on Saturday. My hubby is going to all three. They're all for his side of the family, and he wants to go to more family things. Of course, doing stuff with his family would be easier if it didn't involve driving out of town (both b-day parties are technically out of state & the grad party, while in-state, is 60 miles away) and if we ever got decent notice of them. Anyway, he is taking the kids with to whichever events they want to go to. I will be staying home, though. I have been totally exhausted lately, going to bed early, sleeping ridiculously long. I would most likely fall asleep on the ride there & be grumpy through the whole thing (assuming he was able to wake me up when we got there).

One other thing we have planned for the summer is a trip to Chicago. We'll be going to the Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier. While in Chicago, we'll probably visit the Lincoln Park Zoo. I have an aunt who lives in Chicago. She's the one who gave us the Family Pass to the Children's Museum. So, we're hoping to stop by & visit her, too. With the pass, all we'll have to pay is fuel to get there & home, and parking for the zoo. We haven't been to the zoo in years, and this will be our first time at the Children's Museum.

Sometime this year, I'm hoping to get to the local Japanese Gardens. I've been there before, but the kids never have. I think they'll really like it. It is so beautiful there. We'll hopefully be able to stick to our biweekly hikes & archery practice this summer.

So, those are our plans for the summer. Hikes, archery, arts & crafts shows, concerts, movies, the zoo, museum, and a wedding should keep us pretty busy over the summer.