Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sun Rise

I stood outside in the cold morning air (cold enough to see your breath), the dog on her leash, my son standing next to me, watching the sun rise. As I stood there, I thought about how nice it would be to live out in the country, away from everyone. I would love to be able to watch the sun rise & set without having to stretch to see over houses, office buildings, and factories or without the disruption of 20+ power lines running right through the scene. I hate mornings, but have always dreamed of being able to go out on my porch, with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, and greet each day. Of course, I'd also want to sit on the porch (maybe the porch on the other side of the house) and greet each night. I guess I could do that here, but it would be sullied by the constant noise of passing cars & trucks, the loud, obnoxious 'music' blasting from passing vehicles, the loud, obnoxious 'music' blasting from the neighbor's friends' cars as they sit in the parking lot next to their house drinking & being loud and annoying, the irritating yapping of the neighbor's children & sewer rats, I mean chihuahuas, as they run through the parking lot, alley, & the busy street, because the idiot drunk neighbors are to stupid to pay attention to what their offspring & annoying pets are doing, and of course, the stench of car exhaust that pervades city air. Somehow, none of that fits into my idyllic little dream.