Monday, May 14, 2012

Week in Review 5/14/12

Well, as you can see form the previous post, Dea has decided that she wants to do the weekly posts about her schooling. So, my 'Week in Review' posts will now focus just on Jay. This is partly because a lot of her work is difficult to prove at week's end, like the notes she takes or plans for assignments not yet finished. It is also because she really needs motivation to keep track of what she does for school.

So, onto Jay's week.
Math: PP p.16 - 20
TTM4 p.13-16, 18
Khan Academy
Metric1 p.31-36

Language Arts: discussed Irony
EG3 p.11-17
AAS3 step 6
vocab - multifarious, denizens, ascertain, archaic,
CTD chap 1 major writing assignment

Logic: LS less. 7, WW, FWL

Latin: finished up chap 20, since still had one or two pages left from previous week being short, did translation in the History Reader

ASL: ST vol 9 The Zoo Train

History: read some books, wrote own Code of Honor, started building trebuchet

Science: read some books, watched 'The Weather' disc 1

Music - drums

Geography & Art didn't get done.