Friday, May 18, 2012

Week in Review 5/18/12

This was a pretty good week, school-wise. Jay did school every day, and we got a decent amount done. Though, we did not get everything I wanted done. I was hoping that Jay would start on Music Theory this week. We have had Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory for years now. I was installed on our old computer & Dea used it for a little while. When we bought the new desktop, we installed it on that. However, I cannot get it to open, at all. So, Jay was not able to start using it. I've had a rough day & am still fighting the headache I went to bed with, so I'm not dealing it. I tried a few things, they didn't work, now it's up to my husband to fight with it. He also did not get in drums this week, our schedule was just too hectic this week. Other than that, I think we fit in everything I wanted. Though, it would have been nice to do more for Science & History. So, here's Jay week:

PP p.21-25
TTM4 p.19-22, 39 (p.22 was the last page of the review section, I decided to let him choose which page he does in the Skill-Builder section)
Metric1 p.37-43 (p.42-43 was the practice test. He is now finished with this book & will start a new one next Monday)
online Math games, Khan Academy

Language Arts:
CTD - finished the Major Writing Assignment for chap1, started chap 2
AAS3 step 7
EG3 p.18-22
vocab - indurated, virago, prognathous, protuberant, adjacent, prominent

LFCA chap 21

ST vol 10 My Day

LS lesson 8, WW, FWL

Musical Celebration Given by Cardinal de la Rochefoucauld at the Theatre Argentina in Rome in 1747  on the Occasion of the Marriage of the Dauphin, Son of Louis XV; 1747; Giovanni Poalo Pannini 1691-1765

N.A. flute

mapwork for IL

read a few books, finished building trebuchet
We have a few books out from the library right now. We plan to finish them by next week's library day. Then, we plan to take a few weeks off of books from the library & work on building the castle. The castle will take some time, since he has to make the bricks before he can build.

read a book
He's been working on his tri-fold display board & poster boards as he goes along. I won't show pics until those are done, though.

In other news this week, the kitten is now 7 weeks old. He just went in for his first vaccinations. He is about twice as long as he was when we got him. He has big paws, vicious claws, and evil looking dark yellow eyes. He can climb pretty much everything, including the windows. We've stopped feeding him kitten food, since he didn't eat it that much anyway. He eats the cat food and the dog food. In fact, he is the only one who can eat the dog's food without her growling at him. The dog is getting better about eating regular food, instead of the home-made diet she was on. She even chooses her own canned food. I put them on the floor & tell her what each one is. She sniffs all of them, then goes to the one she wants. It' s really rather cute. She doesn't eat anything right away, both the canned & dry food will sit for awhile before she decides to eat.