Monday, May 7, 2012

Week in Review 5/7/12

Since last week was Screen-Free Week, I decided to wait on this post. Last week was another short week. My birthday was last week, and my husband took Monday of work for it. So,no school on Monday. Then, Jay had a headache on Friday. So, no school Friday, either.

Dea didn't get a lot done. We finally figured out part of her problem. She was having some problems with some of her work & refused to ask for help. So, it just wasn't getting done. I had a talk with her about asking for help. Now, those of you who know me are thinking, 'Hmmm. Not wanting to ask for help? I wonder where she gets THAT from.' Yes, I know, she gets it from me, just like her perfectionism. However, like her perfectionism, her approach differs from mine. See, I prefer to try to figure it out on my own, look for resources to help me, and ask for help as a last resort. Her approach seems to be ignore it & hope it goes away, don't ask for help ever. Anyway, I think part of the problem is that when she does decide to ask for help, she is always told "not now." This is because she will come in to interrupt me while I'm working with Jay or when making dinner, or something else that requires my attention. Then, when I ask later, she says she doesn't help anymore. So, I'm thinking that I'll give her a paper with my 'office hours,' the times when I am available to her for help with her school work. Then, she will know exactly when to come to me with questions, and she can work on other subjects in the meantime. Hopefully, this will help.

The new kitten is adjusting well. He's about 6 weeks old and is climbing everything. Well, not quite everything. He hasn't climb ed my bed yet, but only because it's so high & he can't get far once he hits the blanket (the frame is on risers, then the box spring, then a mattress that's about 18 in thick, so it's quite a climb). He also still has some trouble with stairs. He can go up & down 2-3 stairs, but no more than that. He has been able to climb to the top shelf of the cat tree, but can't down when on the top 2 shelves. He enjoys playing in the bathroom, and has made it into the tub at least once. He's doing well with his kitten food, gets into the bowl of cat food to eat that, and eats the dog's food whenever he has the chance. The dog is having some trouble adjusting to the new diet. She likes the food once or twice, then refuses to eat for a few days. I'm pretty sure this is just something we have wait out. We have some canned food for her, some dry food, and some baby food to mix with the dry food (to see if that will help her transition from her homemade diet to commercial food). We're thrilled that she doesn't really have an allergy to grain & can eat commercial food. Honestly, it gives her more variety. We don't often buy venison or bison, never buy lamb, and we never gave her fish. However, with a good commercial food, she can have those. We're using Merrick Before Grain for the cats, so decided to try Merrick for her as well. They have some good sounding options. We bought her the Turducken and the Wilderness Blend for dry. We picked up a few different flavors of canned. The canned food looks & smells more like people food than dog food. I really hope that she adjusts & likes the Merrick. There aren't a lot of really good quality pet food brands, and most are rather expensive. I refuse to feed them low quality crap that is made of by-products and filler, though.

Okay, on to Jay's week of school work.
Math: PP p.13-15; Metric1 p.25-30; TTM4 p.10-12
Language Arts: AAS3 step 5; CTD chap 1; EG3 p.7-10 including a few rounds of Preposition Bingo; vocab - monochromatic, abomination
Latin: LFCA chap 20
ASL: ST vol 8 The Great Outdoors
Science & History: read some books
Music: drums
Logic: LS less 6; FWL

It looks like so little to me, even for a 3 day week. This week will be better, though.