Friday, June 1, 2012

Week in Review 6/1/12

I didn't do my Week in Review post for last week. So, this post will cover what we did last week. We really haven't done anything this week. With Monday off since hubby was home and everyone's sleep patterns off this week, Jay & I decided to take a break. We'll be back to work next week, probably.

PP p.26-30, 68-69
TTM4 p.37-38, 40-42
LOFD chap 1-5, bridge
Meas2 p1-6

Language Arts:
AAS3 step 8
CTD chap2
EG3 p. 23-29
Vocab - morass, vestige, indisputable

Latin: LFCA chap 22

ASL: ST vol 10 My Day

Logic: LS less. 9, WW, FWL, other logic puzzles

Art: CLD4 Act. 1

MC Longitude, Latitude & Longitude
chose next state for state study

Science & History: read books