Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week in Review 6/16/12

This was a loooooooong week. We didn't get to all the work we hoped to do. The kids went to a graduation party for a couple of my husband's cousins last weekend. It was a pool party. My husband's parents took the kids to the party, and then kept them for the night. His parents also have a pool, so the kids swam there, too. This week included an appointment with Dea's therapist, an appointment with her psychiatrist, and two visits to the doctor for infections she has in her eyes & ears from one of those pools being improperly cleaned. Plus, the kitten needed another round of shots, hubby & Dea had their weekly shift at the animal sanctuary, and we had our regular errands.

PP - p. 71-75
TTM1 - p. 21-23
Meas2 - p. 10-12
LOFD - chap. 6-10

Lang. Arts:
AAS3 - step 9
CTD - finished chap 2, started chap 3
EG3 - p.31, 36, Preposition Test Now that he has finished the Preposition section in EG3, he wants to do the Preposition section in EG4. He decided that instead of going all the way through EG3, then doing EG4, he wants to alternate the two. I think it's because he prefers the mastery approach. So, he sees it as better to cover all the work on one topic at once, even if it's from different level books.
Vocab - arrogant, android, quintuplet

LFCA chap 23 This is a review chapter & we intend to spend 2 weeks on it. So, we'll also be doing this chapter next week.

ASL: ST vol 10 My Day

Logic: LS less 12, WW, FWL

Art: CLD4 Act. 2

Science: read The Cloud Book and visited websites to learn about clouds