Saturday, June 2, 2012

Well, There's Your Problem!

We figured out the problem with Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory. We have the software, and had hoped to have the kids use it. We've had it for a few years. It worked fine on our old desktop, but will not work on our new one. After trying everything I could think of, except contacting the publishers, I passed the issue to my hubby. After he tried everything he could think of, he emailed the publisher. They emailed us back to inform us that the reason it won't open is that it doesn't work with Windows 7. Great! Just freaking fantastic!

We have an old laptop that we're planning to give to Jay. We just need to clean it out first (and find the other half of the power cord). It has Windows XP, which is what our old desktop had. So, once we get that taken care of, we should be able to install the Music Theory software on that. We'll be letting Jay use it for school, and Dea will use it for Music (assuming the program works on that laptop). Even with Dea having her own netbook, she still needs the main computer (the desktop) for several things. This leads to time issues when both kids need the computer. So, we figure giving Jay a laptop to use for school should help prevent issues over who needs to use the main computer.

They'll both still use the main computer for Spanish & Computer Programming (when they do them). Jay will use the laptop for his Writing assignments, visiting the sites he needs to visit for school, Music Theory, and playing online Math games. Dea will continue to use her netbook for most work, the desktop for whatever she needs that for, and will use the laptop for Music Theory. Jay won't be happy to have to share the laptop with her, but as it is only for one subject, it shouldn't be too much trouble.

Hopefully, we can get this whole thing dealt with soon. They do have a newer version of the program, either coming out or already out, but I don't want to have to buy it again. They also are going to have the program available online, but that will require an annual subscription. I'd really rather just be able to use the software I already paid $50 for a few years ago. Dea did use it for a short time  before, but I stopped making her do it when she quit guitar. If she wasn't learning to play an instrument, there was no reason to force her to learn to read music. However, both kids are learning instruments now, and they should both learn to read music. I can't help them with it. I have never been able to read music. I have always had issues with Music Theory, even though I've been singing since 1st grade. I would do better at deciphering Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs than reading sheet music. I know I can't teach it. So, I need this damn program to work.